Board of Trustees / Poari

Evan Taylor - BOT Chairperson in action at Prizegiving
Evan Taylor – BOT Deputy Chairperson in action at Prizegiving

We have a friendly and supportive board of trustees who is made up of the Principal, Proprietor Trustees, Parent Trustees and a Staff Trustee.  Parent and Staff Trustees are elected every three years whilst the Bishop appoints the Proprietor’s Trustees.

The Board of Trustees is a Crown entity having responsibility for the governance of the school.

First and foremost boards are accountable for student achievement.  They exercise this prime accountability by providing an environment for the delivery of quality educational outcomes.  They are responsible for ensuring they focus on their strategic planning on improving student achievement and teaching and learning programmes.

School Boards ensure effective delivery of the curriculum, employ and dismiss staff, establish goals, develop; and review policies, monitor performance, and employ, support and manage the Principal who is the board’s chief executive.

Our BOT:


Jonny Parker

Proprietor’s Representatives 

Fr Peter Costello, Trish Fitzgerald, Marian Jones (TBA), Joey Castro (TBA)

Parent Representatives 

Jonny Parker (Chairperson), Evan Taylor (Deputy Chair),  Havana Vili, Mike Turner


Dallas Wichman

Staff Trustee

Josh Halkett