Vision for Learners

The curriculum supports and empowers students to learn and achieve personal excellence, regardless of their individual circumstances.

St Anne’s Catholic School students will:

  • Have a personal relationship with God

    St Anne’s students will live their Catholic faith. They will be aware of their spiritual self which is a vital aspect of who they are as a person. They will develop positive relationships, care, and self-worth that recognises the principles of the treaty of Waitangi, Cultural Diversity and Inclusiveness.

  • Strive to be the best they can be

    St Anne’s students will have a learning environment that develops the whole child. Students will have opportunities to strive for excellence, develop competence and confidence, set high, but realistic expectations, and respect the rights of all students to learn in an inclusive environment.

  • Actively contribute to a Community of Leaders

    Students will continue to develop the values, knowledge, and competencies that will enable them to live full and satisfying lives.

    The staff and the community have an ethic of care for all children.
    The staff will be considered lead learners.

    St Anne’s students will develop the skills to collaborate, co-operate, mutually support each other, and manage themselves.