From the Principal

Kia ora koutou, talofa, kamusta.

If you are reading this, well done! You have found our newsletter. If you are talking to another parent, see if they have downloaded the app. If they don’t have a phone, ipad or similar, tell them they can use computers and all information is on our website. If they don’t have a computer, the library etc could be a great place to pop into weekly. All public libraries have computers to use. Just remember to keep an eye on the calendar tab.

Super important: Although the Ferry Road upgrade is approved, the speed zone is not. We need you to have your say. A slow zone will ensure people will be aware of a school. It will slow traffic around 9 seconds through the zone so isn’t a big drama for those getting to work. Your child is 3 times more likely to die if hit at 50kph compared to 30kph. The exact data says 7% chance if at 30kph and 22% at 50kph. If you are willing to take the risk with your child and the rest of the school, don’t comment. If you aren’t, get on there now!!!!!! I commented one minute after it opened.  

Please comment on

Also, a wee reminder, if you are sharing food for a birthday or whatever, please give to the teacher to hand out as they are aware of the allergies and nutritional needs of the class.  Thank you for this.