Dallas needs help!!

Some of you are saying, “that’s obvious!” 😉    However, I have a really small request and you may even like it!!!   We made a great booklet called ‘Let’s Go!’,  that we would like to distribute to any place with a waiting area.   It is aimed at those with pre-school aged children and it gives ideas about choosing schools in the area and the steps they should take.   We would love them to be in cafes, doctors waiting rooms, dentists, hairdressers etc. If you know a place that might have one, please e-mail me and I’ll put one in your son’s/daughter’s bag or pop into the office and grab one or two.   Please let the owner or a worker know that you are doing it and show them so they are not worried about the content.    PLEASE ONLY FOR BUSINESSES WITHIN MAYBE 5 OR 6 MINUTES DRIVE FROM HERE.   Any help much appreciated! principal@stannes.co.nz