From The Principal

Malo ni

Malo ni everyone, I hope the start of the term has gone well for your family.
Next week is Tokelauan Language Week.  We have a few students of Tokelauan descent so I thought I would start you off ready for next week.  Some of you might ask why there isn’t a week for all languages.  Firstly, there are not enough weeks and more importantly, the number of fluent Pacific language speakers is declining, and in response to this trend, the Ministry has responded by making language preservation a priority.  Whilst we don’t endeavour to learn all languages at our school, what we can do is promote bilingualism and multilingualism as a cool thing; for the brain, for social skills, and to show support to our ‘brothers from other mothers’ or so the saying goes. 

Preserve your languages!

Non-pacific languages of NZ
♦People of Aotearoa / New Zealand (living in NZ)=98% are fluent in English

Pacific languages of NZ
♦Sāmoan (living in NZ)=60% are fluent in Sāmoan
♦Tokelauan (living in NZ)=34%  are fluent in Tokelauan
♦Māori (living in NZ)=11% are fluent in Māori
♦People of Aotearoa / New Zealand (living in NZ)=3% are fluent in Māori = 3% are fluent in Māori

Also remember, one language is okay, two is cool, three is a charm.  Studies show three will not cause any detriment and students who have two already will pick up the third far quicker than a ‘one language speaker’. 

Kia kaha tō reo! (Go hard with your language! – from Māori language week)

New students and families
We have Tahlia and Angelo starting in Room 1 this next week.  Welcome to them and their families. 

Touch Rugby
Please check the Parent Facebook page for the draw. Two teams have byes this week so don’t go all the way down there if you don’t have too.

Good luck
Good luck to our two Beach Rugby teams who are taking on the inaugural Beach Rugby 5’s tournament at Sumner Beach on Friday. 

School Photos
Our annual school photos will be taken next Wednesday so it would be great to have all the students at school in clean correct uniform and their hair tied up if long enough, no hair adornments please.


Leaving during the School Day
– For safety reasons, we cannot allow students to sign themselves out during school hours.  Parents/caregivers must sign students out on the office Vistab.  You can take the printed ticket to show the teacher you have signed out and also provide proof if you are questioned by the truancy agency or police.

Absence – It is important that an absence and reason are advised to school before 9am.  Phone :  03 3843073 option 1 to leave an absence message; or  email;  or via Skool Loop app.   For those using the Skool Loop app you may have noticed an upgrade to include your signature when sending an absence, this is a safety feature and we now save all absence notifications on the app.

Uniform –  Students should be in summer uniform now  ie:
Polo shirts, sweatshirt (fleece is not a replacement for the sweatshirt)
Boys in navy shorts and girls in culottes.
Long pants and tights are winter options, thanks.

Parent Contributions   – Statements will be sent emailed and sent home in the next week.  Your prompt payment is appreciated.