From The Principal

Malo ni
Malo ni everyone, this week is Tokelauan Language Week.  I hope you had a chance to read about why this is celebrated in NZ.  If not, scroll back and have a look. 

Every year children get excited about Halloween, and parents often freeze up wondering what is okay and what isn’t as a Christian or as a Catholic.  One thing to remember that this has been celebrated by Catholics for years as All Hallow’s Eve (or All Saints Eve).  A vigil to mark the important day of All Saints.  Traditions have become a bit warped of late and traditional things no longer happen and have now turned into lollies and scaring each other.   Christians who have little knowledge of this tradition use words like, it’s an evil night or for devil worshippers, etc.   I challenge you to read this and then bring back some old traditions and remember Halloween is a ‘time of the Church’ and not the opposite, it is just how it has been treated that has changed.  A bit like Christmas and St Nicholas.  But at least Santa isn’t covered in blood, missing an arm and part zombie.
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All Saints Day
If you would like to join us for Mass on Friday at 12pm, please do so.  All Saints Day is a Holy Day of Obligation, meaning, if you are Catholic, you are obliged to go to Mass this day unless you have a strong reason not to, such as illness.  Not because the Church likes to boss you around, but to emphasise the importance of, and to commemorate our saints, that is, all those who have attained heaven.

Silly Season
To stay on top of everything that is happening, please check our calendar regularly.  It gets very busy this time of year.  We will try to put all the information you need on the calendar. Thanks everyone!