From The Principal

There are 16 school days left !

Please be vigilant at keeping an eye on what is happening at school.

You may find over the coming 16 days that I am a little harder to find.  This is due to the number of meetings, events, and work that needs to be done in the last four weeks of the year.   I ask that you see teachers before me with any questions or concerns and if management is needed after this and I am unavailable, Miss French in Room 1 is the Deputy Principal, she may be able to help. 

I apologise in advance for my lack of availability. 

Small schools are awesome, but fewer people to do the mahi! 🙂

Coming up in week 8 (next week)

Junior Nativity performance in the Hall at 2.15 pm.
A great way to kick off advent with our juniors and the nativity. 

Canterbury Athletics Zones –  We have a record of four students participating this year.  Good luck to them. Held at the new Ngā Puna Wai Sports Hub.

Music Performance for those who are receiving lessons from Mrs A’s Music School.  9.30am in the hall (not rock bands-they are at prize giving)

Ora Ake Trip (Only for those who have finished homework challenges, approved by the teacher and by the cut off day-a letter will come home if this is you)

Christmas Raffles
With help from Jasmine Clarke, we will again have our ever-popular Christmas Hamper raffleWe will hold a Mufti Day for students on Friday, 13 December and would really appreciate it if you could possibly send two items for the hampers on this day –  

1  x pantry,  laundry or bathroom item/product;         and
1  x Christmas food item.  

Tickets will be sent home this  Friday.    Money and tickets will need to be back by 9am on Friday 13, to be in the draws.   The winners’ list will be posted on the parents’ Facebook page and Skool Loop.  The hampers can be collected on Monday 16, December.