From The Principal

In my office, on the wall, I have a bible verse in te reo Māori.  This is strategic because unfortunately, most can’t read Māori so I get the question, “What does that say?”                  My response is that it is a response from Jesus to the question, what commandment is the most important, and his response is to love God with all your heart, soul and mind and to love your neighbour also.  If you look at the commandments closely, the first three are related to loving God, 4-10 are all showing us how to love our neighbour.  We are also reminded that our neighbour, from Jesus’ perspective, is often those we get along with the least (the Good Samaritan). 

They are all hard to be perfect at all times but in particular, number 9 is hard for many.    Our Catholic Faith tells us that with ‘thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbour’ we should not even utter a word that speaks negatively of a person to other people (makes people think less of people) and also not exaggerate or lie about anything. This commandment is the hardest for both children and adults alike.  It is so easy to say  ………. is useless!   …… a nasty person etc.  In reality, though, our faith is right, why gossip, why talk negatively about others, what does this achieve? 

This advent, see how you go avoiding what is said in Māori as ‘arero rua’ (two tongued) and only speaking positively about all people.  In terms of the social justice part of our faith, it is important to address the people of concern if you think, faith wise, something is jeopardized. 

Basically, stand up for what is right (tell them) or keep it to yourself. 

It’s hard but rewarding! Give it a try!

Sadly, Mrs Jones and Fr Dan will be leaving us at the end of the year. Combined, they have around 40 years of service to this school and parish. I would like to invite you to our Prizegiving on Monday 16th December from 5.00pm – 6.15pm to acknowledge them, the Year 8 Leavers and also to acknowledge those students receiving awards.  Please make an effort to come to this celebration!!!!!!

Coming up this week

Music Performance for those who are receiving lessons from Mrs A’s Music School.  9.30am in the hall (not rock bands-they are at prize giving)

Ora Ake Trip (Only for those who have finished homework challenges, approved by the teacher and by the cut off day-a letter will come home if this is you)