As school was told we would be in lockdown, we gave out many devices on the Monday as students were leaving to go home. Teachers tried to contact all of their families after school and on the Tuesday and many families who were in need of devices came in on that Tuesday and Wednesday to pick up them up. I also put out a survey, as requested via the Ministry and still families needed some. Special permission was sort from the Secretary of Education and I then collected and distributed these. 

Please, care for these devices, keep them away from food and water and preschoolers ;-), and lock them away if leaving the house etc. Please keep them in their covers and away from edges (to fall) or left on the floor. We appreciate your diligence.

If devices of your own or ours have issues, there isn’t a lot we can do at the moment. Please try the basics for problem solving, i.e. trying a few times, restarting etc. 

To request a device from the ministry could take as long as the lockdown now.