Newsletter Term 2 Week 1

Hi all

I hope you are well! It is great to see cases going down in New Zealand. School is open to a small amount of children at the moment (between 1-3 students). The students are working on the same learning as the rest using our online learning framework. Teachers remain offsite focusing on the online learning. The students here are assisted by teacher aides and part time teachers. 

We have loaned out quite a few Ipads and Chromebooks. Please ensure these are being used for only learning and are looked after. Your support here is much appreciated.

Important notices
Please re-read all of the notices from the last newsletter. There were so many important ones.

Community of Learning / Kahui Ako
Our Community of Learning is a large one, it involves around 15 Catholilc Schools in Christchurch. We have just reconstructed into three hubs. We have joined St James, St Marys and Catholic Cathedral College (CCC). I have recently been appointed a co-Lead Principal of this group along with Suzi de Gouveia from St Teresa’s School. 

What does this mean for St Anne’s?
It means that as well as leading the interests of this community, I will be leading the interests of four schools and their collective wisdom. It also means I will be out of the school one day a week focusing on the hub and senior leaders will be acting principals on that day (or two half days). 

Get into it!
We hope you are all doing well and have found our online learning site (link on website). Please get stuck into Languagenut, Mathletics, Reading Eggs etc They are all great progammes and can be self managed when you need a break. My own children have been trying to knock off all of St Anne’s students off the top 3 ladder of languagenut learning te reo Māori. Leilani holds top spot. Give them a run for their money (so to speak). They are 2nd, 3rd and 4th!! Come on my extension group from 2019!!!!! 

Remember, life and love come first people. Look after yourselves and keep in touch with your child’s teacher!!!

Mauri ora!