Pānui / Newsletter Term 2 Week 8

Kia ora koutou

Apologies the newsletter is a little later than usual. It may be a Friday for the last three weeks of the term.

Drop Offs
Many schools have altered their drop off and pick up procedures due to some findings regarding behaviour. The schools were surprised to find students dropped at the gate as opposed to the classroom showed more independence and less anxiety than they normally would (if they did display this prior). Maybe not on day one, but as they became used to the routine. The children were quicker to join peer groups in activities instead of staying with parents also.  The classrooms were quieter and children were learning or ready to learn earlier. HOWEVER, I am not going to say to parents, ‘do not come in!’. I have my own children and like to walk them right in some days.  Being busy, I do have to ‘kiss and run’ the majority of days, so have no option. At least hearing these observations, I feel okay about it now and has taken away any guilt I did have knowing it is better for them anyway. For you, do what you want, I just thought it would be nice to let you know that it is okay to ‘kiss and run’.

Pick ups
The one thing we noticed more than anything here is classes worked well right up to the bell. Now we are at level one, children often see their parent outside of their room and are distracted, they wave, everyone looks, the teacher has to bring all their attention back then it happens again. Other classes hear parents laughing and talking outside or in the cloakroom. We love that you are having a mingle, however, please try to stay clear of the classroom windows and keep the noise to a minimum. We would prefer that parents use the coloured forms in front of the office to wait as this is far less distracting. Thanks to those who do so already. (Note: Obviously, not a good idea on rainy days)

This year we were aiming to have our first school production for a while. Mr Halkett and Miss Mapley trialled it out last year at Mapusaga and we were ready. With the uncertainty of events with Covid, just over a month ago we made the call to make a full school movie instead. We are well underway and look forward to putting it all together over the next month or two. Something different!!! If you have children bringing home scripts to trial for characters/actors/actresses please help them. A great opportunity to develop confidence and presence. Exciting!!

Two weeks to go until the term break. Next week I will put out the information for Learning Conferences for Years 4-8. These will be held in the first week or two of term three.

Have a blessed weekend!
Dallas Wichman