Special Character – Clara Mapley (DRS)

Over the term we have focussed on the theme ‘We Are Called.’  We have explored the call to be witnesses to our faith in the way we live our lives by learning about the life of Jesus and the work of the Holy Spirit in us.

When Jesus called people to turn away from sin and return to God, he invited them to share a new kind of life with him, a life of faith, hope, and love.  The Holy Spirit enables people to live a new life of faith, hope, and love.  These are his special gifts – taonga. They change us and empower us to live the very life of God himself.

So, what are faith, hope, and love, and how do we experience these gifts in our everyday lives?  Check out Room 6’s responses to find out!

Faith is a gift that helps us to believe that God is with us and that we believe in Him.
Hope is a gift that helps us trust in God’s goodness and his power. Even when we are going through hard times, we need to trust Him.
Love is a gift where people are kind and patient, never rude or boastful. Love is special and we need it. Love is something that is meaningful.

Faith – Whakapono. This is when we trust and believe in God.  We show faith when we go to Mass and show God we trust in Him.
Hope – Tūmanako. Christians hope to go to heaven. Christians hope when they pass that we will go to heaven and see lost loved ones and see God.
Love – Aroha. Love is the most important thing.  Saint Paul said “Without love, all the other gifts are meaningless.  You could give away everything, but without showing love, it’s pointless.”  Show love because you care, not to make yourself look better.

Willow H
Faith is a gift that helps people to believe in God’s love for everyone and to believe in God Himself.
Hope is a gift that lets people trust in God.  Even if times are hard, hope helps us to believe at that moment.
Love is a gift that helps people be kind and patient with others and follow Jesus’ footsteps, even if it’s hard.