Road Works

I am so excited, five years of fighting for a speed drop or more of a visual indication a school is located here, with the council and we have been included in the 30kph speed zone. You can see the signs up and ready for Monday morning. FROM MONDAY WE ARE 30KPH! Please role model this speed. If hit at 30kph, chances of survival are 93%, at 50kph it’s 80% or at 59kph (the speed people think won’t get them a ticket) it is only 55% survival rate. 

-Not many changes outside of school. The island in the middle of our crossing will be gone. We will still use the crossing in the afternoon but it will go straight across.
-Road works will be set up outside St John’s Church. If you like to park here, arrive earlier to find new parks and talk to you children about ‘what ifs’.
-Please use the 3 minute park as 3 minutes due to the reduction of parks at the moment down near St John’s.
-Over the next two weeks road works will progressively move towards the church and school. When it arrives, we will cross the road differently and 3 minute parks will disappear for a while.
More information to come here as the safety team updates us.