Special Character – Clara Mapley (DRS)

Last week we shared ‘The other side of the Virus, an opportunity to awaken’ – a poem by Fr Richard Hendrick. This poem reminded us to have hope and to see the good in our situations. Room 6 was inspired by this message and have written their own messages of hope. Here are a few that they would love to share with you.

Apart But Together – By Ruby Swain
Lockdown? Check.
Fear? Check.
Isolation? Check.
Panic buying? Check.
Sickness? Check.
Death? Sadly, check.

They say, in Wuhan, the sky is clear of fumes.
They say, in Assisi people are connecting from a distance.
They say, they are connecting through song.
They say, in West Ireland there is a hotel.
They say, that hotel is offering food for those who need it.
We missed our family.
We missed our takeaways.
We missed our friends.
We missed a lot.

We found a lot too.
We found teddies in windows.
We found smiles from neighbours we’ve never spoken to.
We found ourselves connecting.
We found ourselves smiling.
We found ourselves looking at what we have ignored before.

We perched at our windows.
While we wave at people walking by.
We walk down the street,
While the winds whisper its secrets.
We daydream alone,
While we wander in a world of our own.
We call friends,
While we laugh with each other.

Even though we are apart, we are still together
We are stronger together
Even if we are apart
We are better together
Even if we are apart
We are fighting together

Even if we are apart
We are doing our bits together
Even if we are apart
We are a team of 7.8 billion

Hope – By Keyarn Prakash
Yes it’s hard
Yes it’s scary
Yes there’s sickness
Yes there’s hope
Yes we can fight it

They say there’s no cure
They say there’s no hope
They say there’s no changing the virus
They say people die
But that does not make a change to us fighting it

All over the world there’s lockdown
All over the world is sickness
All over the world is scariness
All over the world there is fighting

We pray in the name of God that no one gives up and no one feels down
We pray in the name of Jesus that we can fight it
We pray in the name of the Holy Spirit that we can battle it

Now we hear whistling birds tweeting through the sky
We see flowers blooming
We fell a warm touch on our skin
We rest in our family’s arms

A Message For Everyone – By Mathew Palma
Yes there is hope,
that this pandemic will leave us alone
Yes there is hope,
that we will be all together in peace
Yes there is hope,
that we will find the vaccine.

All over the world, people are helping their neighbours
All over the world, people are talking to their family more
All over the world, people are trying to stop this Covid-19

No matter how bad things are, we will find ways around it
No matter how many people are sick, they’re going to be healed by God
No matter what this Covid-19 does, we are strong
We will be strong
Whatever happens, remember we are strong.