Newsletter – Week 7 – 2 September 2020

Yesterday was not the best start to spring but we live in hope of improved weather going forward and have our fingers crossed that Covid19 does not impact too many upcoming summer events and activities.

We hope you were able to catch up with  Emily our Public Health Nurse yesterday if you had any concerns you thought she could help with, or even just to say hello to her.

Some ‘school housekeeping’ reminders:-
We are noticing that a number of students are being dropped off too early in the morning before supervision is available.    If your child needs to be here before 8.30am,  then they must be enrolled at Kidsbase.   Once enrolled with Kidsbase you may contact them on a casual basis if your child needs to be dropped off early, even once in a while.   You may qualify for financial support for this so contact Kidsbase and discuss the options available to you.

Also, the number of children not wearing the correct uniform is increasing.   If worn, thermals or long-sleeved undergarments should be colours in keeping with the uniform ie navy, black or dark green.  Shoes must be black with black soles, no white soles,  no coloured logos or embellishments.   Fabric or canvas shoes are not suitable for schoolwear.

Remember we have the black Warrior’s jackets for exchange or replacement at the office.  We can also assist with school shoes if need be but this will be dependent on available sizes.

Cathy French
Acting Principal