Newsletter 23 September 2020

Last Friday, we celebrated Te wiki o te reo Māori with waiata performed outside on the whare tapere by each class.  This was followed by ice blocks/ ice creams donated by TipTop.  I am sure the classes will have shared their video with you. 

We look forward to the school holidays and some lovely weather…what a great time for a move down to level 1.  The students are seeming very tired this week so this break comes at a good time for them.  The holidays allow for a break in routines and are a chance to do some of the simple things that the students appreciated during lockdown like sleep-ins, late breakfasts and family walks.

We all wish Jo Casey good luck and many blessings with her wedding next Saturday.       She will return after the holidays as Mrs Smart.

Next term Mr Wichman will be back.  We have truly missed his presence around St Anne’s this term.

God bless everyone!

Cathy French