Swimming & Water Safety Awareness

Next week we start our two weeks of swimming lessons at Taiora QEII.  The students will travel by bus.  The lesson times are listed below.  If you wish to watch you will need to make your own way to the pool.  

This year the cost will be paid by the school so there is no cost for families.  Students are expected to take part in all of the two weeks of lessons as this forms part of the school curriculum.   If for some reason your child cannot swim please send a note of explanation prior to swim week so we can adjust our numbers for the tutors, please.

Students need to bring a swimming costume (togs) and a towel in a plastic bag each day.  They should also have their school tunic (sweatshirt) each day as it may be needed after swimming.   It is a really good idea to check beforehand that all clothing items are named.

Lessons        Year  Groups    (Note:  year groups NOT rooms)
12.30pm       Years 5 & 6
  1.00pm       Years 3 & 4
  1.30pm       Years 1 & 2