Feast of Christ the King / Combined Mass

This coming Sunday (22nd Nov) is the Feast of Christ the King.  Pope Francis on the feast of Christ the King 2018 had this to say:

 “Jesus wants to make it understood that above political power there is another greater one, which is not obtained with human means. He came on earth to exercise this power, which is love, “bearing witness to the truth (v. 37). It’s about divine truth that in the end is the essential message of the Gospel: “God is love: 1 John 4:8), and He wants to establish in the world His Kingdom of love, justice, and peace. This is the Kingdom of which Jesus is King, and which extends until the end of time.”

We are looking forward to celebrating our first ever Christchurch East Combined Mass this Sunday at 10.30am in the Catholic Cathedral College School Hall.  A reminder that if you are attending you will need to register via the Catholic Diocese of Christchurch Website (the same process as when we were in Alert Level 2) 

Here is the link: https://chchcatholic.nz/2020/11/christchurch-east-celebration-mass/ 

Ngā mihi
Clara Mapley – DRS