Newsletter – Week 9, Term 1


We have been very fortunate over the past few years to have received such great support from Kidscan Charitable Trust by way of donated jackets, shoes, food, snacks, personal hygiene items, etc from this charity which we have been able to help the families of St Anne’s with.  Unfortunately, the number of schools needing Kidscan support exceeds the current capability of Kidscan support at any one time.  We, therefore, want to support them by being more conscientious about the distribution of their donations.  We will still distribute the items where there is a need but ask you to respectfully support and understand this.

Jackets   –   If your child needs a Kidscan black jacket we will give or swap these next week during non-peak times in the day.  Please do not come to the office to swap, the children will be called over a room at a time.
Any spare jackets you may have we would love you to wash and return with the children next week, particularly smaller sizes as we currently have none.  If children wear their own jackets to school we would prefer them to be black or dark blue if possible.

Have a great Easter break!

Dallas Wichman