Newsletter Week 2 Term 2 / Pānui Wiki 2 Wāhanga 2

Kia ora mai koutou e aku haumi

This newsletter is a little similar to last week, but all information is very important and there has been some slight changes.

If you see either the vehicle or pedestrian access gates open between 8.30am and 3.10pm PLEASE SHUT THEM for us. Thank you so much!!!!

GRIT Challenge (similar to a cross country but with more challenges)
Tomorrow!!!!!. This will be at 2pm-2.50pm. ALL STUDENTS CAN WEAR SPORTS MUFTI FOR THE DAY. They will get wet and/or dirty (they shouldn’t wear their best gear).

New Parents Meeting!  Friday 21 May  9.00-10.40am
This is a ‘must do’ for any new families of the school. This is whether your child started at 5 years old in Room 1 or have moved here at an older age group. This is for any child or family who has not been to one before!!! Please RSVP to the office or call 03 3843073 Close family members are welcome (grandparents etc). Please no preschoolers if it can be avoided. Last year we only held one due to covid, if you missed it, parents are welcome to join us.
8.45am Meet in library
9am Māori welcome (Mihi Whakatau) – If you wish to speak on behalf of the new families please let me (Dallas) know. Elaborating, this means in front of the school and for the new families in the Māori welcome. Speaking in Māori would be preferred, but if nobody is able to, english is fine. Please contact me if this interests you
9.30am Coffee and chat
9.40am Meeting with various speakers (principal, deputy principal, DRS, office manager, BOT representative, a parish priest). Topics from starting school, to contacts, information, sport, homework, trips etc.
10.40am Meeting finishes
We recommend all caregivers come to the meeting and try to stay to the end. It will help ensure your child starts really well. 

We have got through almost all students, and have ordered any missing sizes. Thanks Shelley for adding this to her workload!

We have some very exciting news for the Parent/Caregivers of the St Anne’s School Community.
Effective from Monday 3rd May (start of Term 2) Kidsbase will be introducing a new reduced fee structure for all our Afterschool Programme bookings.
To make our programmes more affordable for everyone we will be changing to charging our permanent Afterschool sessions per hour, which means you no longer need to pay for sessions you don’t fully use.
New Kidsbase St Anne’s Permanent Afterschool session options, from Monday 3rd May:

  • 4pm Pick Up:                    $6
  • 5pm Pick Up:                    $12
  • 6pm Pick Up:                    $18

# Before School sessions remain the same.
Please note that Casual Bookings will incur an additional $2 charge per session.
WINZ subsidies still apply for all of these new fee structures.
Term 2 and Term 3, 2021 bookings are now OPEN so please click on to make your booking under our new booking options and choose the sessions which best suit your needs.
We thank you for your amazing continued support and look forward to further assisting you at Kidsbase.

East Parish and St Anne’s School Changes
Some of you may be aware that some changes are happening in the diocese (slowly but surely)! New cathedral and new parishes are developing. We are part of this process. Changes will happen to our school. This is because we are joint with one of the main churches of Christchurch. We are also expanding in numbers beyond what our classrooms allow. We are working closely with the diocese planning the future. Things may go, but things will also come. Nothing is set in concrete yet, but I want you and the children to prepare for small change. If an area of play is lost, please reassure them, something equal or better will come. Just know, we are there vouching in the best interests of our children.

Enjoy the weekend and the GRIT challenge!