Newsletter Week 5 Term 2 / Pānui Wiki 5 Wāhanga 2

Talofa lava!

It has been a fantastic Sāmoan language week at school. It has come at a nice time (after our Pentecost celebrations). We hope your children had a great week using a bit more Sāmoan language in the classroom and the week in general. Fa’afetai to all those who helped make the week a success.

The week raised a few questions. Each staff member often has a skill, knowledge or ability that adds to the team, however, not every skill, knowledge or ability is covered. If you look at a school including the whole school community, we have far more knowledge and skills to draw on (parents, family and parish). The invitation is open, if you would like to help the school in weeks like these (perhaps you know Sāmoan dance, or can teach how to make different foods etc.) please just let the school know. Even if it is just guiding leadership (i.e. steering me in the right direction). We as staff will willingly say, we a good at lots of things, experts at nothing.

A student of Filipino descent asked if there is a Filipino week. I replied, not officially but wouldn’t it be a nice idea here. We discussed that we are close on one third Filipino at the school. The problem is, our staff are not particularly strong in the language or culture. IF, a few parents were interested in organising (maybe for next term) a week. Please talk together and let me know.

Teacher Only Day tomorrow!
Monday is Queen’s Birthday also.
See you Tuesday!

Manuia le aso!
Dallas Wichman