Newsletter Week 7 Term 2 / Pānui Wiki 7 Wāhanga 2

Kua tae mai te wīkene! (The weekend has arrived!)

Apologies for this coming out late, but we thought we would save it to when we could release the link to our 2020 Motion Picture! BUT, there are some must reads before you get some popcorn and click on the link!

Gate: PLEASE actively shut our pedestrian gate! I have shut it over ten times this week! The springs no  longer work due to the heavy duty hinges needed to survive children swinging on and being rough with it. Please help us keep our students safe.

Uniform: This is getting a bit lazy. Please ensure no bright or non school coloured polyprops/skivvies etc. under clothes, correct school beanies or caps, and fully black shoes and jackets. Students will not be able to come on trips if in incorrect gear. I’m proud of this school, please ask your children to show pride by respecting our uniform. Also, please tie up long hair (all students). This will help reduce headlice should they appear.

Filipino Language Week: Book in the date, 16 August to the 20 August (week 4, term 3). We are now after interested families or people to help organise the week. Perhaps even one parent per class to help. Thank you to the two families who have expressed interest already. Please let Dallas know and I will pass on the details to the group.

Kapahaka: Some of you might be asking, what’s happening with kapahaka? The cultural festival no longer exists, so now the focus shifts from moving from doing things for an event, to doing things because we love it. We have organised a cultural festival with St James, St Marys and CCC for the end of next term. We are after interested parents in cultural dance, who might help teach the school some dances. If you have a strength in cultural dance and time available. Please let me know.

Punua Pāho: Please check this out. If you don’t have much time, if your child features, I have written names in the description. If you do, I suggest all families watch this and see what the children can produce independently. It’s a fun few minutes.
Here is the link: Punua Pāho #2

Motion Picture: Last year, due to covid, we decided to not run a production but to make a movie. We worried about what level we would be in and would it be worth the effort for a production. What we didn’t realise is the time it takes for non movie makers to edit and make a feature length movie.

Here is the description (some things changed a little):
St Dithers School is in trouble! Following an extremely poor OFSET inspection the school has been labelled ‘Average’ and is in grave danger of being closed down. The governors, worried about the fate of their school and with only 6 weeks to turn things around, decide to take drastic action. They realise that improving the school in that length of time would be impossible and that it would be easier to replace the head, and most of the pupils, with ‘super-talented’ ones. They also decide to bring in entirely new staff made up of celebrities from the world of entertainment!

A new head teacher, Simon Trowel, is appointed with the intention of making the school into a breeding ground for young super stars who will one day be on TV reality shows and dominate show business forever! New ‘super-teachers’ are brought in from the world of ‘show biz reality TV shows’ and include: Will.I.Was, Cherri Cola, Dusty Barrel, Bruno Macaroni and Craig Rebel-Cardboard. Bant and Beck, the northern comic duo, are also appointed as the ‘Superstar Announcers’.

When the staff and pupils decide to fight back, fun and frolics ensue making this an extremely entertaining show for children to perform.

Here is the link to the movie: St Anne’s Motion Picture

Kia pai te wīkene!
Dallas Wichman