RE Focus – The God Strand – Clara Mapley (DRS)

We have been learning about the Holy Spirit throughout the school this term, and we are now going to be focussing on the God Strand.  Here are some of the key understandings we will be looking at:

God is Creator:  Students will recognise that God created the universe out of nothing and keeps it in being.
God is Present in the World: Students will be able to describe how God is present everywhere in the world through creation.
God is Faithful: Students will develop an understanding of God’s constant faithfulness despite, at times, people’s unfaithfulness so that continually God is calling people to be reconciled in relationships with self, others, creation, and God – Te Atua.

God the Creator is holy and the source of all life, grace, and holiness. People are created in the image and likeness of God and are called to believe in God; to adore Him and share in His wonderful creation.