St Anne’s Feast Day

On the first day back next term we will be celebrating the feast day of St Anne and                  St Joachim.  Please come along and join us as we celebrate a whole school Mass at 12pm.

Joachim and Anne were the parents of Jesus’ mother, Mary.  We honour Joachim and Anne as saints.  Anne is the patron of grandmothers, among many other things, and Joachim of grandfathers and grandparents.  Their love for one another and for Mary is an example to us of how God calls us to live. They also remind us to honour our own grandparents and to thank them for the blessings they have passed down to us in love. 


On Monday 28th of June the Church celebrated the Feast of St Irenaeus.  He was the  Bishop of Lyon in France from c. 177 to 202.  He is important to the Church in Aotearoa New Zealand because he was ordained as bishop by St Polycarp, who had in turn been ordained by St John the Evangelist (one of the twelve apostles).  A later Bishop of Lyon, Jean-Baptiste Pompallier brought the Catholic faith to New Zealand in 1838.