Newsletter Week 1 Term 3 / Pānui Wiki 1 Wāhanga 3

Kia ora koutou

Welcome to Term three.  We are excited to welcome Dean Isherwood to our team.  He will be teaching in Room 7 and is our new Deputy Principal.  He has worked most recently at an international school in Malaysia, and prior to this at Paparoa Street School, Russley School and St Albans School.  Nau mai, Tāuti mai ki a ia!

Expectations, rules and laws are generally clearly understood by adults and they are aware of the consequences of not following them.  Children, however, can get mixed messages if they see or hear of an expectation or rule not being followed. They can get confused and think all rules and even laws are not important.
PLEASE SUPPORT SCHOOL RULES AND EXPECTATIONS – whether or not you think they are ‘cool’ or ‘correct’.  Show children that you need to respect the expectations and rules of the place you are at.   When my children want to do something I know isn’t in line with their school’s rules I simply say, “No,  your school doesn’t allow that,  you go to that school, you follow their rules.”  Followed usually by, “Maybe we could save that for the holidays.”

When enrolling here, the enrolment booklet clearly states:
With the school’s right to govern itself, granted by the Education Act, students hair will be of a ‘natural’ colour and of a respectable and tidy style.  For health and safety reasons pupils with hair below shoulder length should have it tied back with White, Blue or Green Hairbands / Ties. (this is for reduction of head lice cases and being caught on objects in the playground)

For safety reasons, only plain ear studs may be worn.  Other jewellery is not acceptable, except for jewellery worn for cultural reasons.

Summer Uniform is worn during Terms One and Four. Hats are compulsory during these two terms.
Winter Uniform is worn during Terms Two and Three.

You are welcome to speak with me if you are not certain if something ‘fits’ the criteria or is acceptable.

If these rules do not suit your family, there are other schools that have ‘relaxed’ standards. Thank you to everyone who takes pride in our school and its uniform.

Early Finish – Rooms 5, 6 & 7 Interviews
School finishes at 12pm on Wednesday next week (4th August) for Rooms 5, 6, 7 only.
If you need supervision of your child in the Library that day please email  so Shelley can make a list. 

Interviews (Rooms 5,6,7)
Get onto Skool Loop now to book an interview for next week if you haven’t already.

Ski Trip – Rm 7
We are praying for good weather for Monday.  Please keep an eye on Skool Loop and Facebook if the weather is looking bad. Otherwise, at school by 7 am Room 7!

Cook Island Language week
Next week is Cook Island Language Week. Feel free to extend your Kia ora to Kia orana for the week. My Grandad was from Rarotonga and it is cool seeing the similarities to Māori here.  Whare (house) is ‘are. In the Cooks, they say Māori added the ‘wh’ (f-sound) because compared to Raro, Aotearoa is f-f-f-freezing. 

The theme is ‘Ātuitui’ia au ki te Oneone o tōku ‘Ui Tupuna’ which means, connect me to the soil of my ancestors. How much does your family know about your family tree? How far back can you go? 

We explored as a family, our family tree in Rarotonga from my Grandfather’s side and found that we link up to the chief who accepted Christianity into Rarotonga. It was really interesting to do as a family. 

Teacher Only Day Reminder
Friday 27th August

We are at the highest roll number I have seen. We used to have a waitlist only for non preference but it is close to starting for all students. Please ensure siblings and interested people inquire as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Reo i roto i te kainga/kāika (Māori language at home)
At school we have a sentence we say for a few weeks that is common and conversational. The next two weeks it is:
I pēhea …..? (said ‘e’ like the letter then ‘pair’ ‘hair’)
It means, How was…..?
This is used like, how was your day? How was the meeting? How was tea? How was Mum? Etc.  Great to use when you pick up your children from school. 

Here are some you could try at home:
I pēhea te rā? (How was your day?)
I pēhea te tiripi? (How was the trip?)
I pēhea tō tina? (How was your lunch?)
I pēhea tērā? (How was that?)

Do answers in English for a while, then try:
I pai (It was good)
I kino (bad)
Āhua pai (okay)
Kāore i pai (not good)
I hangareka (fun)

If you want to say ‘why?’ say, “He aha ai?” ‘ai’ is pronounced ‘I’ like ‘I am going’
Kia pai te wiki!


Dallas Wichman