Newsletter Week 2 Term 4 / Pānui Wiki 2 Wāhaka 4

Kia ora e te whānau o St Annes!

What a week!!!!
Many things are changing BUT the children are doing so well and are happy at school. Please check out our school Facebook page for some photos of the fun things happening at school.

Need to know (from the Ministry):
> Drop-offs and pick-ups – you need masks!  With the wearing of masks it is sometimes difficult for staff and students to recognise people so if you have someone else picking up your child please make the office and teacher aware of this.

> Drop-offs and pick-ups – A change here – All parents drop off at and pick up at the cones BUT if you have new entrants and decide to walk them in, please walk around the entrance (not through).  Please do not enter the entrance foyer, classrooms, or cloakrooms.   If you need to speak to the teacher briefly, wave them out, otherwise organise a time via email or phone call to school. The Ministry has stated, drop-offs MUST be outside only.

> Future parent help  –  In two weeks’ time, to help at school or on a trip, we will need evidence of a first vaccine jab.  To help next year, we will need evidence of full vaccination. Basically, you cannot stay on school grounds for more than a brief visit unless evidence of full vaccination is provided after these dates.  If you like to help out on trips, please apply for a vaccine certificate and present it to us.  We will attach it to a file so you don’t have to bring it in weekly.  I know this is a hassle to organise but we appreciate it as trips and camps need helpers.

> Yes, this means you will NOT be able to come to swimming lessons unless evidence of vaccination is provided to us beforehand.  Please apply today if you are keen to help at swimming in a few weeks as there could be a delay on receiving the certificate.

Please note, an appointment card is not enough.

Regarding future events i.e. prizegivings etc, we are currently brainstorming how these may be possible. We will keep in touch about decisions as they are made.

Reminder: Teacher Only Day Thursday 11 November

Enjoy the weekend!
Dallas and the team
(Image: My Vaccine Certificate)