Newsletter Week 9 Term 1 / Pānui Wiki 9 Wāhaka 1

Kia ora mai koutou!

We come to the end of another week of the term and only have 9 school days left to get everything done.  It has been a strange term, with lots of worry about how things would play out.  We have been fortunate so far with few staff absentees and have been able to remain fully open.
Unfortunately, at present, we have two of our full-time teachers away either with the virus or a close contact.  2/7 doesn’t sound like much but is 30% of the full-time team and we are all supporting the covering teachers.  We had thought we would merge classes in this scenario if student numbers were down, however, the past three weeks saw our attendance plummet but it is now back to almost normal absenteeism with only a few virus related here and there so merging isn’t really an option. Thank you to all parents and caregivers who have children in a class with changing teachers, we, like you, look forward to resuming  to normal routine.

I was fortunate enough to listen to Sir Graeme Dingle speak the other evening. If you don’t know anything about him, ‘Google him’ as the students would say. He has achieved so much in the adventure realm, but more than that, his ‘not for profit’ organisations work so hard for thousands of children throughout the country.
We luckily have Kiwican at our school once a week, who look at some of the things missed in schools, like perseverance, honesty, goal setting, well-being, positive relationships, and integrity.  We thank Sir Graeme and the Dingle Foundation for sending these inspiring people to our school.  Ask your child about it!

Red Setting stuff
Meetings: We are still, ‘essential people only’ at school, but remember, if you need to see a teacher, and you feel email or quick Seesaw messages might not solve it, face to face can be so much better, so just make a time with them. Please remember though, you will need a mask, and if you have an exemption, the meeting will need to be outside the busy times of 8.30-9 and 2.40-3.10pm.   If you are savvy with tech, we are now all regulars to video calls, just reach out.

Entrance: This was mainly shut due to the bottleneck and we had nowhere to store our extra furniture after the big spend in the senior school.  It is now okay to use when dropping off but please do not stop in there to talk to other parents or teachers. It is solely a thoroughfare for a time saver!

Anniversary Reports
Apologies for the delay.  As many students are new to their classrooms or have been absent, and following the Ministry’s recommendation to delay as many meetings as possible,  these will come out nearer the end of the term.

Youth Group / Crowns
Just a plug, the youth group is amazing.  It is on this afternoon for years 7-8 (Room 7 students). Give it a go, you will love it!  Also, go 5 times and you have completed a homework challenge.

Room 3’s Assembly
Postponed due to teacher isolating.

Homework Challenges for Rooms 5-7
Remember, if you lost your booklet, go to our website!

Ka nui tēnā! Please click to the next post to read about term 2 and our Vinnies work!

Dallas Wichman