Start of Week 3 Newsletter / Pānui mō te tīmataka o te wiki 3

Tēnā koutou katoa e te whānau o Hato Ani!

It has been a full on first two weeks back. There has been so much happening! I am still catching up after being away the first week with covid (do not look at the state of my office!), but we are getting there!

Life Education
It has been great having Ange and Harold at St Anne’s teaching us about nutrition and healthy eating. This year we are focusing on Healthy Minds and Healthy Bodies and it was great to get the food side of things underway with Harold. It was great to see him at assembly too. The video link is here but YouTube was still processing it so it may not be 100% ready just yet, but do look at the photos on our Facebook Page if you have Facebook (link below). Jasmine Clarke fundraised for much of the cost of Life Education a few years back. Thank heaps to her!
More photos here
Bully Free Week
This week is Bullying-Free New Zealand Week  in conjunction with Pink Shirt Day, on Friday 20 May.
In Aotearoa, Pink Shirt Day works to create schools, workplaces, communities and whānau where everyone feels safe, valued, and respected. On Friday the 20th of May 2022, we will celebrate Pink Shirt Day. Please have your child bring a gold coin donation to raise money for the Mental Health Foundation to help fight bullying.
We will be transformed into a sea of māwhero (pink) as we stand together to spread aroha, celebrate diversity and end bullying! Bring your coin to help make a coin trail. Wear anything pink with your school uniform on Friday – a ribbon in your hair, a t-shirt, some shorts, a dress or more!

Kapahaka Leadership Rōpū
Students of Māori descent and seniors have been offered to join the leadership rōpū. The idea is that our Māori students and others who would like to lead, will learn waiata, haka, poi etc and then teach others (i.e. their classes and friends).  As the Cultural Festival is not going ahead, we are changing our approach a little that will grow leadership. Hazel Harnett-Garbes is leading this with my and others’ support. This is on a Thursday at 11.45am-12.30pm. Please note there is limited numbers for this.

I am receiving many complaints with people parking illegally (over driveways, on the kerb, on yellow lines, dangerous u-turns  etc etc.). I feel it is pointless telling me, it is not an accident and could cause someone to get hurt. Please report these parents directly to the police when you see it. You can lodge complaints on your phone, just go here and I suggest taking a photo or at least the number plate. Go to the ‘Driver Behaviour / Incident’ section and complete it. They do follow it up! I have also contacted the council to help here. Also you can call 105. Thank you to the 98% who are doing the right thing!
Here is a picture of someone who parked on the yellow lines making it super hard for our road patrollers (photo from a few years back and no-one from St Anne’s). Just an example.

Gagana Sāmoa
Similar to kapahaka, those of Sāmoan descent have been offered some language and culture support and leadership through Ateliana Tiatia, a teacher in our senior school. The idea is to use her skills to inspire leadership and to encourage strengthening of home culture and language. Due to our high Sāmoan numbers, places will be offered to senior students first and then higher language ability in juniors. This is after lunch on a Thursday 1.20-2.50pm for the seniors.

Cross Country Training
Well done to those turning up at 8am on a Tuesday and Thursday for training. Mr Isherwood is doing a great job with obstacles and structure to the trainings. A big thanks to him.

Winter Sport
This is coming around quickly. You have around two and a half weeks to get ready. Also, correct PE uniform is a must.
So you know, students will be left at school if they are in incorrect PE uniform. This is: St Anne’s PE Top, Plain Black Shorts (please note ‘plain’-not with stripes or secondary colours, this also includes no skins or leggings please), sports shoes.
It is cold down there so school blue trousers and school jerseys/jackets can be worn overtop until the game starts.
Rip Rugby
– Mouth guards are not compulsory but recommended, rugby boots are recommended but good grip sports shoes are all okay.
– Mouth guards and shin guards are compulsory (long socks are recommended to hold the shin guards in place).
– Shin pads are compulsory (once again recommend rugby type socks in blue or black).
– Mouth guards are not on the list but recommended
– Correct footwear, short nails, no jewelry (cannot be taped)

Here’s two boys in perfect sports’ uniform on their way to winter sport.

This kicked off last week! Our players had a great game and I look forward to seeing them develop. Arani was the Player of the Day! His first ever game and he did really well!

More photos here

Mathletics/Languagenut and other home apps
Last term I gave out huge prizes for those in Rooms 5-7 that had completed the most on Languagenut at home,  in Māori and in a home language. The most common home languages being worked on at school are Tagalog, Sāmoan, and Cook Island Māori. We will do prizes for different apps at random times so keep up the hard work. Mathletics might be next, or maybe Reading Eggs, or maybe Languagenut again! We are really interested to see if anyone might ‘clock’ an app! (note: ‘Clock’ is an 80’s word we used meaning to finish a game/app.). I had one student ‘clock’ or finish 3 years of Mathletics in a year! Roughly 300 Gold Bars (They come up green now I think). Give it heaps people!

Great job Room 2! Good to see Harold turn up to your assembly. The video is currently processing, check back if it is not ready! Here is the link again.