Start of Week 5 Newsletter / Pānui mō te Tīmataka o te Wiki 5

Afio mai i le vaiaso o le gagana Samoa!!!

Miss Mapley couldn’t make it to school today, so I was called to cover in Room 6. Realising the newsletter was not done, Room 6 helped me write it (apart from the intro!).

Samoan Language Week
Pacific languages are a key cornerstone for the health and wellbeing of Pacific people. History shows us that a loss of language leads to a loss of culture and identity. “We know when you lose your language, your culture soon follows, and when there is no longer culture, there is a void. Let’s prevent that void by fostering Pacific indigenous languages in our daily lives, and of course, by participating in the 2022 Pacific Language Weeks series,” Aupito William Sio said (Minister of Pacific Peoples).

At St Anne’s just over 25% of our students are of Samoan descent. Let’s make those 25% smile and be super proud this week by saying talofa (or more if you know more) and acknowledging how cool they look if they are in Samoan dress. You might think of other ideas to help.

Samoan Language Week
This week is Samoan Language Week. On Wednesday first of June, some Samoan kids will be performing a Samoan dance to the whole school. We’ll also have a Samoan lunch. There will be Pancakes (Panikeke) , Chop sui (Sapa sui) and more Samoan food. Kids can wear Samoan clothes for any day of the week. In classrooms, we’re learning how to speak some words of Samoan and learn Samoan culture.
By Janelia and Amber of Room 6

Talofa atu i le vaiaso o le gagana Samoa.
O le vaiaso nei i le aoga o lo’o matou a’oa’o atili ai le tautala fa’a Samoa.
Taeao o le Aso Lulu o lo’o fa’asoa e Mr Wichman mea’ai Samoa. E mafai e tamaiti aoga ona ofuina le Samoa i le vaiaso atoa. O Ateliana o le a alu e fa’a Samoa ma se vaega o ta’ita’i a’oga.
E Joseph, Filimaua, Ropati, Rydah.

Bully Free Week
Pink shirt day was on Friday 20th of May. We had to wear pink as part of Bully Free Week. What it means to wear pink on that day is supporting people who get bullied and saying we don’t like other people getting bullied. We all brought gold coins to school to help the Mental Health Foundation with victims of bullying. To help with the bullying we raised $182. We raised that much because everyone in the school bought at least one or two dollars.
By Isabelle and Charlotte of Room 6

Lots of illnesses around at the moment. Please use the Skool Loop app before 9am. If you don’t have data, call school and let us know. 033843073.
Please ensure your data is on before you use Skool Loop and having updates all done on your phone helps it to work with notifications.

Cross Country Zones
On Tuesday at Ferrymead Park we did zones. Some people from Room 5, 6 and 7 came. It was two kilometres for the Year 5 and 6 students and for the year 7 and 8 it was three kilometres. The track was really long and there were muddy puddles and sharp corners.
Everyone did there best and were amazing!
By Milly, Brooke and Willow of Room 6

Frost Buster
The Frostbuster was located at Ferrymead, close to Ferrymead Golf course on Friday, 27/5/22. The competitors consisted of Rūma Rima, Ono, and Whitu, and we decided to do this event so everyone can have fun in the different races.

The first thing of the day, was a run of the course or a walk, followed by a Duathlon, then,  followed by the One Hour Team Mountain Bike Endurance Race.

Moving on to the running and walking race. To begin, 23 kids began to run, and shortly after, the 25 walking kids slowly caught up. The course was tiring for most, but everyone kept on pushing on. After, everyone finished the race, almost immediately, they started the Duathlon.

Right after the running and walking race, the Duathlon started. Multiple people were competing in the race. Once again, the competitors, including me, were TIRED. The competitors were all tired from the previous events, but they pushed on. Once they completed on lap, they all laid down their bikes and began their run. So they went through the rough terrain once again.

Soon after the Duathlon, Mr Wichman decided to start the One Hour Mountain Bike Endurance. Once they had run the bell to start, the competitors began to bike. While some kids lay on the ground, others left to grab some food, water, or they would go around the course to spectate. People would occasionally cheer for the bikers. Eventually, every one had a go at biking the course.

Once all events were over, Mr Wichman decided to treat the classes to play at the Ferrymead Golf Course. Everyone was there for at least 1 hour and then then they all started the journey to school.
By Aidel of Room 6

Please check out the photos here.

These are back! We do lots of trips and can’t wait to get back out there. Rooms 5, 6 and 7 went to the Museum last week.

Wow, a busy week ahead team!
Manuia le vaiaso!