At school, we are celebrating Matariki and learning about it as we go! We are moving through all 9 stars over 9 days leading up to the long weekend. Please join us in the plan and help us complete the weekend challenges:

Wednesday  – Waipunarangi
Today is about celebrating the sky and the weather! Today we will look at weather forecasts. Tidal charts and snow forecasts! Students can write scripts as weather presenters!
Thursday – Waitī
Today is enjoying fresh water! We will take a walk around our school stream and see what we can see. Maybe even the Heathcote / Ōpāwaho if we can.
Friday – Tupuārangi
Today is about the things that live above ground. Today we will spot birds and identify trees.

Saturday – Tupuānuku
Today is about things from the earth. A great day to eat some vegetables. Maybe give the kumara a go for dinner tonight!
Sunday – Waitā
Today is honouring the ocean! Your mission is to visit the beach and do some cool family things there!

Monday – Hiwaiterangi
Today is about planning! What do we want to achieve over the next six months at school and over the next year as a person. We will do some goal setting and sharing of these goals and how we might achieve them.
Tuesday – Ururangi
Today is about the wind and the sky! Today we are going to team up and be observed from the sky. This is a bit of a secret we will share with you after it is complete.
Wednesday – Pōhutukawa
Today is remembering our loved ones, especially if they have passed in the last year. Please bring a photo of someone special to you (passed or not) and tell your class about this person.
Thursday – Matariki
Today is a gathering together day. We will have rotations in mixed age groups. At each rotation, we will do something along the theme of ‘Remembering the past’, ‘Caring for the environment’, and ‘Connecting with people’. Finishing we will have the best storyteller from each class tell a story to the whole school. Maybe some teachers or principal might tell a story also.

FridayEnjoy Matariki with your whānau! A time to take a break, chill, reflect, look at photos and have a laugh!

Ka hāpara te ata
Ka pīata kā whetū i te mātao
Ka wheriko a Puaka
Maiea mai ana a Matariki
Tirohia kā whetū
Kia mahara, kia mātau, kia pūrakiaho
Ko Matariki ē!

Here comes the dawn
The cold brings starlight
Puaka shines
Matariki appears
Look to the stars
Remember, gather knowledge, find inspiration
It is Matariki ē!