New Classrooms / Kā Akomaka hou

Short-term pain, long-term gain!!!!
Very soon, the building of two new rooms will be commencing at St Anne’s. Immediately following that, the renovation of Rooms 1 and 2 and the boys’ toilets attached to them. Hann Construction will be in action every day and our school will definitely look like a construction site!!!!
What’s happening? Due to our roll, two new kitted out rooms with kitchenette, toilets, break-out rooms, and a deck are being built, in addition to our 6 rooms and Mission Centre (currently Room 7 and 8). It will be built at the current location of the Music Room and Scooter Track.
Once this new block is built, classes will move in, and Rooms 1 and 2 will be vacated whilst they are upgraded and those smelly boys’ toilets get a real makeover.
Yes, music lessons will stop for the rest of the year. Yes, there will be a period of time without a scooter track. However, we have many play spaces and a new track on the cards.
There will be many changes to help with safety management.
♦  Fences will be erected through the basketball court, taking it out of action, to allow safe entry for trucks.
♦  Access to the school behind the junior rooms will be blocked and you will need to enter through the entrance foyer or around the library
♦  Kidsbase – You will need to walk students around the long way. It may take a few minutes longer to drop off during this time, so the alarm may have to be two minutes earlier for a while.
It is exciting to have a few more rooms to spread our children out and in the end to have four brand new rooms for our children. Don’t panic, they aren’t fully open plan, they will be flexible though, with glass sliding doors to allow classes to work together easier, should they want or need to.