Newsletter Week 2 Term 3 / Pānui Wiki 2 Wāhaka 3

Kia orāna kōtou katoatoa! (Kia ora koutou katoa!)
Turou, ‘aere mai ki te ‘epetoma o te reo Māori Kūki Āirani! (Ngā mihi, haere mai ki te wiki o te reo Māori Kūki Āirani!)

Welcome to Cook Island Language Week! We have never really done anything during this week in previous years, as it is only me of Cook Island descent. However, now with two students, myself and a challenge, we are celebrating it. The language is so close to NZ Māori as seen above in brackets. We have some challenges over the week which I know you will enjoy the fruits of soon (more to come). Theo took great pride setting up the display on the weekend. Kia mataora te ‘epetoma! (Have a good week!)

Parish Car Park
The parish have asked me to remind you to please not park in their car park before or afterschool. We have a 3min zone for dropping off or please walk them a little further!
Please respect their wishes!

Our lists are looking packed until 2027. If you have a child who is between 0-3 years old, please ensure we have their information if you are interested in them starting here. Waitlists definitely apply in this and next year at present.

A reminder for correct uniform. The flag has been out since the beginning of the term so hopefully there is no mud on their uniforms. We are hoping they will be back on the grass by the end of the week. Still winter uniform for the rest of this term!

It has been a hard start to the term with no scooter track, very little court and no grass! To survive, we have been using the hall (thanks to the parish). Here is our table tennis and gymnastics time at lunch.

Work Update
Good things take time!! Demolition is complete, excavation is the go.

Mihi Whakatau
To start the term we welcomed all of our new students and our two student teachers to St Anne’s. Usually we would have families as well, but due to illness we kept numbers to a minimum. Hopefully normality soon and we can run this again for extended families! A big welcome to Jessica Marquet (Room 3) and Tina-Marie Smith (Room 4). Due to sickness, we did not ‘hongi’ (share breath) but did a ‘hā mamao’ (a shared breath from afar)-which is basically a symbol of touching our nose and motioning it to the the person you are meeting. You can see Kingston doing a perfect job of it in the photo!



Gagana Sāmoa
Every Thursday, Ateliana Tiatia has been taking a strengthen Sāmoan culture / language class with our Sāmoan students. She teachers the seniors and then they teach the juniors. It is great to see them taking pride in their culture and language. I have been fortunate to sneak into the lessons to help and learn.
O fea? The hall
A fea? Asotofi
O ai? Sāmoan students + Mr W
O le a? Gagana Sāmoa
Aisea? Confidence, pride, culture, love!

Learning Conferences
Thanks to all the parents who made it to learning conferences (Rooms 5-7). We hope you enjoyed catching up with the teacher and seeing some work. If you missed them or a due one for an anniversary, please contact the teacher.

Sitting here feeling under the weather still after a weekend of not feeling well,  I thank all those wearing a mask well. Like our priests say, wearing a mask is an act of kindness as you do it for others. There’s not many people out there that love wearing them (except really cold mornings), so thanks for your support.

A parent had a message on Facebook regarding lunches. These flasks are amazing, they are available and most supermarkets and Mega Mitre 10 has them on special at the moment. Great for keeping these things hot; pasta, noodles, left overs, steam buns (obviously the healthy versions of all of these). We use them for our three children alongside a lunchbox. They have lasted a long time too! A good idea is to put hot water in them first to heat them up, then tip that out before putting in the food.

Disco (Note from Penny Cherry)
I have confirmed a venue (the parish hall is out of action for the rest of the year due to the construction of new buildings), so I had to get my thinking cap on.

Venue: Linwood Avenue Union Church Hall, 378 Linwood Avenue (lots of off-street parking for parents at the rear of the hall off Tilford Street)

When: Friday 5th August (second week of term 3)
Time: 5.30pm – 7.30pm
Theme: Neon / Glow in the Dark / Let’s GLOW Crazy!

This is a fundraiser for our students (all proceeds being donated to our school), so please get involved and come along for a dance. We will have lots of Glow Sticks/items for sale, Drinks, Sweets & Treats. (priced from $1 – $4), also spot prizes.

Gold coin entry.

Thank you to the parents who have made cash donations towards purchases for the disco, it is very much appreciated, and also to the parents who have offered help in other ways. A huge thank you to Linwood Union Church for hiring their hall to us so we can still have a fun night.

I would love some helpers: If you can help please comment below.
4-5 people to help run the sales of Glow Sticks / Drinks, Sweets & Treats
Crowd Control / Prize spotters / Limbo Stick Holder 🙂
Someone on the door at the start of the night to collect entry
DJ is all booked, it’s going to be a great night! Thanks, Penny

See you at the Disco on Friday!

Kia mataora te ‘epetoma!

Dallas Wichman