Pānui wiki 6 Wāhaka 4 / Newsletter Week 6 Term 4

Talofa lava!

I love Rugby League! I have loved the men’s and women’s World Cup.  It has been great for our children to see the love of country and culture.  I have never seen so much pasifika based posts on social media.  For our children, to belong and feel a part of something is so important.  Culture is particularly important.  I had been so tempted to have black and blue days to support the Kiwi and Sāmoan teams but unfortunately it has been during swimming and that is hard enough with children looking after their clothes!

Some say language is the heart of culture.  We try to support our families to keep culture and language strong at home.  Please continue with first language use at home.  Do not think, if we also speak English at home, our children will have more practise so will be better.  It makes sense, but actually, research suggests the opposite.  It can help first language loss if you use English instead.  If you use and strengthen your home language at home,  due to the strength of language understanding through bi/multilingualism students will do far better in both.  Also, it is more quality over quantity.

Filipino Language and Culture Week
This is one week away! Children and parents are behind the scenes organising some learning, food and activities for us.  The plan is a small amount of learning daily on language and culture, taught by our senior Filipino students, colouring-in competitions in the library, a decorated foyer and a feast day on the Friday.
NOTE: Please ensure your child has a lunchbox, a fork and spoon on that day.  We will place food in their lunchboxes as I am not a fan of waste (paper/plastic plates etc.).  I suggest having some food from home as well, especially if your child does not like to take risks with food.
Salamat to Susan from our School Board leading this and our senior Filipino students.

Keeping up to date #1
This term has been busy from the word go.  I apologise to anyone who has been waiting for things from me.  Most of my duties are with my DP and AP at the moment due to the huge list.  I thank all of you for your patience and understanding and them for covering.  As most of you know, I lead our 15 Catholic Schools in a group called a ‘Kāhui’.  Through it we share learning, develop together, involve ourselves in professional development and organise and participate in things like our cultural festival.  To me it is like running another school at the same time.  I have other DPs (who are called ASLs), other plans (charters), we have our own successes, our own dramas and everything else that comes from working in a big team.  We have had a lot of changes to the kāhui and its  positions and I have been involved with leading the process.  Alongside this work, our school, sickness in the office, family sickness and covid, trips to Wellington, camp, building new classrooms, and then the usual day to day things which seem to increase at this time of year, means I have been busy to say the least.  I said to a fellow principal today, it seems like everyone enjoys Term 4 except principals. Living, how will I ever get all this done! But, having smiling children outside and supportive parent communities makes it easier.  Kā mihi nui ki a koutou katoa! Thanks heaps!

Keeping up to date #2
Week 6
Friday 25 November-Last day of Languagenut Competition (prizes                awarded). Rooms 5,6,7
Week 7 – Filipino Language and Culture Week
Thursday 1 December-Beach Ed Room 7
Friday 2 December-Absolute last day for Mahi Kāika (Homework Challenges). Rooms 5,6,7
Friday 2 December-Filipino Feast 12.30pm. All Students can participate-Thanks Chef Astig!
Friday 2 December-Filipino presentation 2pm (hopefully)
Week 8
Monday 5 December-Mahi Kāika Secret Trip. Only for those who have completed and have had their teacher verify all homework challenges by Friday 2 December. Togs, sunscreen, and a towel are needed. Also, please come  in casual gear if this is you.
Tuesday 6 December-Top Team Challenge-Room 7 (PE Gear)
Thursday 8 December-Nativity Play-2pm TBC for parents
Friday 9 December-Mission Sisters Fundraiser-1pm on, Community and parish welcome
Week 9
Tuesday 13 December-5.30pm Prizegiving and Leavers’ farewell in our Church.
Tuesday 13 December-7pm Pizza Republic-Year 8 students and family
Wednesday 14 December-Reports and End of Year Newsletter out
Thursday 15 December-12pm finish Last day

Languagenut Prizes

A big thanks to all of our students who made it through to zones for Athletics. They represented us well. We received a phone call from a principal of another school saying what a credit our students are. Here is a list of those off to Canterbury Championships soon.

That’s all from me.  Check out our Facebook page for some recent photos team.

School Photos
I  hope everyone managed to order their photos before midnight last night to take advantage of the free delivery.  If you didn’t, it’s not too late to order.

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  2.    Enter your unique Access Key Code: XXXXXXXX   (emailed to you or your partner)
  3.   Scroll down the page to view the options available to purchase.

If you would rather order by phone  0800 50 10 40  or direct enquiries to  enquiries@photolife.co.nz

Kia manuia!