Newsletter #6 2023 / Pānui #6 2023

Kia ora koutou,

I hope the you had an amazing Easter! We are looking forward to seeing you all again on Wednesday. Here is a short newsletter with some important updates regarding classrooms, toilets, etc. I will write who it affects at the top of each section so you can scroll until you get to relevant sections (you will need to know your child’s room number). Please read to your child!

Monday-Teacher Only Day (teachers off site at different times due to the work we are covering).
Tuesday-ANZAC Day
Wednesday-We have a few new five year olds starting, if you see them or their families, please welcome them.

Basketball Court-The basketball court is free from fences. Please do not drive into the school grounds at any time unless you are a staff member. If you ever see a gate (vehicle or pedestrian) open between 8.30am and 3.05pm, please shut it for us! Students can play on the court again however are not to play basketball at the end next to our entrance before and afterschool for safe access. The far end and during play times are fine.

Entry and Exit
You are still unable to walk around the back of the junior rooms due to construction, therefore, all entry is via the entrance or around the sport sheds.

This continues in the Library at the moment.

Assemblies and gatherings
As our Mission Centre continues to be used whilst Rooms 1 and 2 are finished, we have no indoor options that fit the whole school. These will start again when when construction finishes (3-4 weeks).

-Years 7/8 students must wear their correct PE gear on Wednesday for interchange sport at Cathedral College. This is a rule for the tournament. If forgotten, they will go but be unable to play.
-You are officially in the new rooms! To respect these amazing places, please remove shoes before entering.
-Please only use these toilets attached to your building now, not any junior toilets. They will be for these two classes only.
-Sliding door between rooms-the opening and shutting of this large door is for teachers only. Students to go around if they need to go to the other room and it is shut.
Pictures of Rooms 7 and 8 below:


Your rooms are going well, but due to a decision to install a ceiling sound reduction feature, will be 3-4 weeks to completion (instead of two weeks).
You will need to go to the Mission Centre, Room 1 is on the left, and Room 2 will be in the room on the right. Please ask children to walk on the path to get there. Below is a picture of the Mission Centre so you know where you are going for four weeks (gates will be gone). Also, on the way over, put your bag in your cubbies (picture also below).
Photo 1: Mission Centre
Photo 2: Room 1-What it looks like today inside the Mission Centre.
Photo 3: Room 2-What is looks like today inside the Mission Centre.
Actual Room 1 today!
Students of Rooms 1 and 2 still need to put their bags in these cubbies. There is not enough room in the Mission Centre.

ROOMS 1,2,3,4,5,6
Our junior toilets are still under construction, so please, boys use the toilets in blue below (either side). Girls, use the toilets in green below.

Thanks again for everyone’s patience. Hopefully the old saying, ‘Short term pain, long term gain!’

See you all on Wednesday!
Dallas and the St Anne’s Team