Newsletter #11 2023 / Pānui #11 2023 (21/07/2023)

Nau mai, tauti mai ki te wāhaka kura hou!
Nau mai, tauti mai ki te tau hou Māori!
Nau mai, tauti mai ki ō mātou kaiako hou!

Welcome to the new term, the new year (Māori Calendar) and our new teachers!

It has been a really busy break getting rooms tidied up and work ready for the new term. Day 1 we received a shipping container to help with extra storage.  We like our classrooms and learning spaces to have as much room to move around as possible so this will help with this.  Rooms 5 and 6 received a huge clean with many cleaners coming in to clean desks, walls, and carpet.  Nice and clean for our new teachers.  So many staff members were in sorting rooms, helping our new teachers to get organised, organising resources, the reading room was worked on, Beaver Tree Services gave some trees a trim to help with light and less leaves in gutters, lots of meetings were held to get them done before the term with Healthy Active Learning, the Ministry and just each other.  For me, it was a great chance to catch up having a bit of time away from school last term (apart from being sick for a week and a half of the break :-().

Getting to know the staff
We will start with the new staff! Strategy: Favourites!!!! We can learn a lot about people by what they enjoy!

Jean Chiron (Mr Chiron)
Favourite language: French
Favourite place: My home (in Christchurch)
Favourite person: My wife and my daughter
Favourite sport: Frisbee
Favourite thing to say: Ngā mihi
Favourite thing to do: Cooking
Favourite childhood memory: Riding on the back of my mum’s bike
Favourite subject at school: Mathematics
Favourite season: Spring
Favourite thing about yourself: I am learning to be more people minded

Te Māio Tamati-Stirling (Matua Te Māio)
Ko Tapuae-o-Uenuku tōku maunga.
Ko Waiau Toa tōku awa.
Ko Uruao tōku waka.
Ko Kāi Tahu tōku iwi.
Ko Takahanga tōku marae.
Nō Ōtautahi ahau.
Ko Sheryl tōku māmā.
Ko Te Haere tōku pāpā.
Ko Kerri-Lee rātou ko Jaqui ko Terri ko Huiarau ōku tuāhine.
Ko Harlow tōku tamāhine.
Ko Sarah tōku hoa rangatira.
Ko Te Māio Tamati-Stirling tōku ingoa.
Nō reira, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou, tēnā koutou katoa.

Favourite language: My favourite language to speak is Te Reo Māori although I am starting to become fluent in baby speak from my daughter, Harlow.
Favourite place: My favourite place is Kaikoura because my family comes from there and it is generally a quiet and calm place.
Favourite person: My favourite person is my daughter Harlow because she is energetic and keeps me on my toes.
Favourite sport: My favourite sport is basketball because my dad coached many teams and dragged me along to every game. I eventually gave in and now love the game also.
Favourite thing to say: My favourite thing to say is probably ‘leshgo’ or ‘reheko’ because it can be used as “I’m excited” or a celebration.
Favourite thing to do: My favourite thing to do is have whānau time whether it is going out like swimming, shopping and walking or hanging out at home.
Favourite childhood memory: My favourite childhood memory would have to be when my friends and I got to go on a kayaking/camping trip through Tōtaranui.
Favourite subject at school: My favourite subject at school was P.E. except the ‘beep’ test!
Favourite season: My favourite season is Winter because I am usually a warm person but I like being able to get cozy in a blanket without sweating up a storm.
Favourite thing about yourself: My favourite thing about me is that I am always keen to learn more and that I have such a fantastic whānau.

Matt Brören (Matua Matt, Mr B)
Favourite language: I enjoy learning languages and being able to communicate in different ways. At my previous school I had a student in my class that was fluent in NZ sign language. They were teaching me some signs which was awesome.
Favourite place: I love Wanaka. The scenery, peacefulness and outdoor adventures makes this my happy place.
Favourite person: Favourite famous person would be Usain Bolt. His story is incredible and I love his showmanship!
Favourite sport: Football is the top for me. I used to love playing it and now enjoy watching it. Skiing is also a hobby of mine.
Favourite thing to say: No worries. I find myself always saying this.
Favourite thing to do: Getting outdoors and going on adventures.
Favourite childhood memory: Going overseas with my family to Canada. Incredible experience and even better skiing.
Favourite subject at school: PE, I always looked forward to getting to move and also learn about the human body.
Favourite season: Although I enjoy skiing, you can’t go past summer. The longer days, heat and price of everything make it a winner.
Favourite thing about yourself: My positivity and love for learning!

FIFA Women’s Japanese training event – Nā Mac rāua ko Luis (by Mac and Luis of Room 8)
The FIFA Women’s World Cup starts on Thursday and is being co-hosted by New Zealand and Australia. On Monday, Rooms 7 and 8 went to Orangetheory Stadium (the Crusaders’ home ground) to watch the Japanese Women’s team train.  Before we left, Rooms 7 and 8 made posters to support and encourage the Japanese team.  Then we had an early morning tea before we left.  We had to wait a while because the original bus that was going to pick us up had a flat tyre!
When we arrived at Orangetheory Stadium we had to go through security
and have our bags checked.  After we got through security we went up the seating and saw the team practice.  They were very disciplined and asked for us and the other schools to be quiet so they could concentrate on their drills.  We sat on our seats watching the team performance.  During this time the FIFA mascot, Tazuni walked around, and we were able to take photos with her.
After everyone was done taking pictures with Tazuni, most people had lunch.  Then Japanese Media Commentator started asking us all some general knowledge questions about Japan and the FIFA World Cup.  Miguel and Tai were lucky enough to win an official FIFA scarf by successfully answering some questions.  We also learned that each player competing in the World Cup is earning $50,000 this is more than double the global average salary for professional women’s footballers.  Also, each player of the winning team at this year’s tournament will receive a bonus of $450,000!
After the team had finished training, we came down row by row and gave each of the players a high five and received a memento and team poster. It was a great day and a cool opportunity for us all.  Mr. Isherwood and Ben even got interviewed by The Press!
We are grateful that Penny, Sharyn, Mr. B and Mr. Ish were able to take us along.  Also to Mike, Mac’s stepdad for coming.
Link to Press Article (Ben and Mr Ish are famous now!) here!

At the end of each term, I take one deserving student from each class on a special and secret trip (we drive to the venue without them knowing where we are going).  For those students aiming to get on this trip, it is either for GRIT/NIWHA or FAITH/WHAKAPONO.  Last term it was GRIT/NIWHA.  Therefore, the students picked were students who persisted when things were difficult, and/or tried really hard all term.  For faith, it is students who show their faith through their actions  i.e. helping those that need it, caring for others, working for social justice etc.
Last term we headed for Move X.  I had not been there since the Ninja course was added. Impressively, I was beaten at the course by Naz.  He was the Ninja that day! The students I took were awesome, check out some action shots.
Note: For this trip, we had a few seniors who completed the Mathletics/Languagenut/Storytelling competition there too (only a few unfortunately as many didn’t complete the challenge 100%).

Here are some photos from our first ever Kāhui Storytelling Roadshow.  Mr Halkett (St Anne’s) and Mr Allen (CCC) took two of the best students from each school in our hub (St Anne’s, St Mary’s, St James, CCC) around each of those schools telling their amazing stories in a storytelling celebration.  We had a collection of Samoan, Māori, Filipino, Cook Island, and Indian stories.  Well done everyone, especially the main man, Mr Halkett for the organisation and the energy put into celebrating culture and storytelling.  We are super proud of Raki and Issy representing our school, ka pai kōrua!

Feast Day
Wednesday 26th July
Please join us for Mass at 9.15am to start our Feast Day of  St Anne.  St Anne was the Grandmother of Jesus and mother of Mary. She is the patron saint of mothers, grandmothers and educators.  Joachim (her husband) is the patron saint of fathers, and grandfathers.  Therefore we would like to invite parents and grandparents to join us in this Mass.
The colours associated with St Anne are red and green.  Red for love, and green for rebirth / growth.  We know St Anne loved and helped her daughter grow in faith and knowledge. She also bore the new Eve, Mary.  We ask children to wear red and green this day to remind us this.
Below are some photos from last year.

Year 7 & 8 Ski Trip
We are excited to offer our FREE trip to Porters Ski field on Monday.  We apologise for the information not coming out sooner.  Porters were unsure if they could squeeze us in. Please ensure Skool Loop is working on your phone as we will put out any updates via Skool Loop.  At the moment, the forecast isn’t great.  We will send updates as they arrive.
Please remember a helmet.  Most children just bring a bicycle helmet of their own or borrow one.  If you need to hire gear, please let us know as they have limited stock.  At this time of year it is pretty cold, so lots of layers! (not on the bus or they will get too hot). Big thanks to Mr Ish for this, it takes a lot of time to sort buses, work with the rental team, the lesson team and we thank his household for covering for him as he is out before the sun and home after is sets that day!
Photos from last year below so you can get an idea!

A general reminder to keep unwell children at home.  We have had three staff down in the first week already.  Don’t forget to advise school of absences and reasons before 9am each day.

Many people spent a lot of the holidays cleaning up due to lack of respect from some of our children.  We had brand new desks at the beginning of the year and late last year in four rooms.  The rules have always been respect and look after your desk as you are just borrowing it for the year.  Nothing is allowed on them except a name sticker provided by the teacher.  So many students in one or two classes had paint and vivid all over their desks and chairs.  On the inside, stickers and pictures stuck all over them, hinges broken due to jerseys and jackets being shoved in their desks, chromebooks broken due to rough use.  A name scratched into a brand new chair  – I was gutted!  A total of 16 hours of cleaning time was spent on just one room! This is time and money that could go elsewhere in the school, not just fixing, repairing and cleaning.  Please can you talk to your child about care of the property of others.  I cleaned, dried and folded over 25 jerseys and jackets left on the grass, in the playground, in cloakrooms, shoved in desks and generally, just left on the floor in rooms.  Most were named and are now returned. This is respect of own clothes. We are also seeing so much rubbish, considering we are waste free, it saddens me daily to see the lack of respect with students dropping rubbish.  Please could you talk about this with your child.  Respect was highlighted as so important in our latest survey from parents, please talk about these things together.  Your support is so appreciated.
Photos are of Rooms 5 and 6 after a three day cleaning spree!

Survey Results from our New Classroom Opening  /  Whānau Engagement / Samoan Feast Day
We thank all of those that made our classroom opening and Whānau Engagement afternoon.  We really value the feedback given.  Almost all feedback has been collated and shared with the leaders in the school who manage that area.  It will also be shared, like all engagement/surveys, to the School Board.
Feedback comment #1:
A question regarding why structured sport only starts in Years 5-8 and why not earlier?
This is the level at which Zone and Canterbury Competitions start so many of the events are qualifying for, or just part of this Competition.  It is for this reason also that we don’t expect a PE uniform before Year 5 when they start to represent school.  It is also maturity and health-wise,  a good idea to have different uniform for active days.  It is suggested that Years 1-4  have more skills and play based Physical Education with fun, teamwork and strategies before moving onto the usual sports.  Playing a structured ball sport at 7 years old where they touch the ball once or twice in 20min is not ideal for development, or enjoyment. We provide PE sessions during school time for juniors, PALs for juniors which is lunchtime physical activities run BY students FOR students, juniors can join me in the sports I play at lunch, if they want (hockey, ultimate frisbee, league/held, volleyball in summer, Kī o Rahi, basketball, football, touch etc). Also juniors can compete in Touch Rugby in Term 4 outside of school time and years 3 and 4 in miniball outside of school time.
Common comment #2:
Parents would like to be able to attend more things.  We too would love this and have been excited coming out of covid times, however, at a few points this year we have been fighting to stay open with staffing due to illness.  We had an assembly last term on a Friday where 165 students were there, on the following Monday we had only 80 students in attendance. When I first started, we had 97 students and three years ago, 145ish, we could all fit in the Mission Centre.  Now with 180 students in July, there is no space! Regarding assemblies, until we can  have these outside again, in term 4, we may just have to video them for you. However, lots of things are coming and we know you want to be there, we will do our best to give you warning and make it happen! We love helpers, if you want to come in at lunchtimes and run sports with me, or help with teams, let us know!!!!! (Please note, some things just said require police checks, please don’t take offence when asked)
Common comment #3:
More warning and communication could be better of late.  I apologise for this.  This is on me, this year has been a bit of a struggle for me.  I have missed four weeks of work in 11 with three different illnesses, and a bereavement.  Being the only one in the office with Shelley, organisation has been affected.  I am giving it heaps to catch up so I hope we can be smoother here soon, if not now.  I thank you for your understanding!  I thank Penny Cherry on the Parent Facebook Page for fielding questions that should have been covered by me.
I haven’t forgotten about the prizes for completing the surveys.  We have 5 x $20 Toyworld vouchers to give out.  Surveys from our whānau were put in a box, drawn randomly and  below are the winners. The child receives the prize, but the parent, because they completed it, have the decision, so maybe show them a few things you like at Toyworld (note to student: they will probably like the quieter toys and the less messy toys!).
Parents, please collect vouchers  from me (Dallas Wichman).
Lucky Winners
Nico Sharp
Arani Donaldson
Sophie Corman-Wright
Lily Mori
Violet Haines
Lucky Winners from the Healthy Active Learning team! $50 Rebel Sport Vouchers (sorry I am unsure how this was drawn as was done by them)
Ben Tolra
Krish Chettri

Miha Māori (Māori Mass)
We have had four families from St Anne’s School attend Mass at Te Rangimārie on a Sunday over the last six months.  Māori and non-Māori, experienced speakers and absolute beginners are welcome to attend.  If you would like to experience the Miha Māori, please give it a go.  Two parents did it as part of our Mahi Kāika (Homework Challenges).    A cool NZ Catholic experience.

PE uniform
At the moment, these are not required for any class. If this changes, your child’s teacher will let you know. Koru Games for years 7 and 8 will be different but this is week 10 (9 weeks away).

Koru Games
Tuesday 19th September-Thursday 21 September
We are competing in Volleyball, Ultimate Frisbee and Kī-o-Rahi! This is for students in Years 7 and 8 of school (some students in Rooms 7 and 8). This needs full PE uniform. It is the South Island Championships of each sport.
Please can you role model following rules to our children:
* Cross at the crossing, especially when the patrol is on duty (I’ve seen some run across  and ignore it!)
* 3 min parking zone –  This is for express drop off and pick up.  Please do not park here within the times stated if  you are coming into school.  Also, in the afternoon,  it is annoying if you sit and wait  if your child is one of the last out.  The idea is parents drive in, the student sees you and goes out and jumps in. This is what it is for.
* Please don’t U turn outside of school, drive just down the road or go around the block.
U turns are so dangerous for our children!!!!

This afterschool competition continues in term 3 for years 5/6 (Tuesday) and years 7/8 (Thursday).  Thanks to all the parents helping to make this work!!! You’re awesome!

Pasifika fono/talanoa
Thursday 3 August – starting 6pm
This meeting is for our families of pasifika descent.  We would like to come together, share thoughts and ideas around education at St Anne’s (and the home).  Please put it in your diary now as we would love every pasifika family represented at this event.  Like Tug of War, let’s wrestle some ideas together!  If you can support with supplying food, please let me (Dallas) or Ateliana know, it would be much appreciated! Please RSVP your attendance/numbers to either one of us. or
A reminder, if you are interested and would like to take part in our termly reviews of policies, or are interested in any, they can be found at here.

Tea Towel Takeover
A family of the school is fundraising for schools as well as helping local artists. The Tea Towel Takeover is ready for you and your friends to order.  Each tea towel that is bought, helps the school also!  From each set, the school receives $2.50!!! Like chocolates, you can sell to your friends and neighbours, but no pressure, we know a lot of people are struggling at the moment and we don’t encourage door knocking, unless parents are with them. Please get your forms back WITH MONEY by this Wednesday 26 July (5 more sleeps) to the office and then we will send the orders away.  An order form will be sent home with the newsletter.  $10 gets you two awesome tea towels!!!!
Learning Conferences / Parent, Student, Teacher Meetings
Monday 7 August 12.30pm-6.30pm
Tuesday 8 August 3.15pm-5pm
These are coming up in three weeks.  Please make a time through our Skool Loop app. It is important you only choose one time slot for the teacher.  This app is essential for your household to have.  If the whole household does not have a smartphone or device, please ask a family to call you and tell you of any important notices.
Learning Conferences are for ALL families unless you have had one already in the last month.  Room 7, we apologise, but yours will be in the first few weeks of next term when Mrs Fleming is back from Europe.  Feel free to pop in and say hello to Mr B and check out work with your child though.
Remember, if you are unable to attend due to work commitments, or all their are no suitable times available, contact our teachers for an alternate time.  Parents are always welcome to come in with children before or afterschool to look at work in books, on the walls or a quick ‘How’s he/she going?’ to the teacher.
Please note: Early finish on Monday 7 August (12pm) due to Learning conferences. Students can only leave with an approved adult or a note (if a senior). Otherwise, supervised reading in the library will be for anyone who cannot be collected.

Upcoming Events (will be in fortnightly)- put on your calendar.  Email address for contact person should you need more information.  If no contact email, it is yet to be fully finalised  and contact will be added when contact is available.  There will be more events to come but the focus in the upcoming four weeks. 

Week 2
Monday 24 July-Ski Trip (Year 7&8) –
Monday 24 July-Art Gallery Trip (Rooms 5&6) – or
Wednesday 26 July-Art Gallery Trip (Rooms 1&2) – or
Wednesday 26 July-Feast Day Mass 9.15am –
Thursday 27 July-Art Gallery Trip (Rooms 3&4) – or
Friday 28 July-Art Gallery Trip (Rooms 7&8) – or
Week 3 (Cook Islands Language and Culture Week)
Thursday 3 August-6pm Mission Centre-Families of pasifika descent – or or
Sunday 6 August 10.30am Class Mass (Rooms 1 and 5)
Week 4
Monday 7 August – Early finish (12pm) due to Learning Conferences
Tuesday 8 August-Learning Conferences (second afternoon)
Week 5
Week 6 (Filipino Language and Culture Week)
Friday 25 August – Feast Day for Filipino Language Week – Traditional dress for this day (and rest of week if preferred)
Week 7
Week 8
Wednesday 6 September – Cultural Festival Catholic Cathedral College – 12.30pm-2pm
Week 9 (Māori Language Week)
Week 10
Tuesday 19 September-Thursday 21 September – Lincoln –

You made it to the end of our fortnightly newsletter! We appreciate your time and hope you feel ‘up to date’.
Kia pai te wīkene!!!!! (Have a good weekend!)

Dallas Wichman