Our Site

Please go to https://sites.google.com/stannes.co.nz/stannesschool/home

This is the home of our online learning. There is a suggested plan for your day which is entirely up to you.
-My Learning-This box, this takes you to the individual classes and will give you an outline of what the teachers would like your child to do.
-Religious Education-Ideas here for home prayer life
-Create and Play-Lots of creative ideas that all involve learning of all kinds
-I’m Hungry-Ideas for work in the kitchen
-Helping Hands-My favourite page, get children helping around the house.
-More Section-Principal Page-I will put updates on here, get the children to check back, also I have some extension Māori work. About half of the school could start to keep diaries a little like my families ones. I am adding one a day for students to translate.
-ESOL page-great ideas for those who have english as their second language.