Welcome Back! (Sort of)

Welcome back to school! 

It feels weird saying this as we are not physically at school.  It was a strange end of term and is still strange now.  At the moment, the plan, all going well, is to start back at school on Wednesday 29th April (ANZAC observed is the Monday).  Tuesday 28th is a ‘Teacher Only Day’.  This could all change so keep an eye on the news.  It is a draft plan by the Ministry knowing what they know at the moment.  We don’t have a say in it, this is the best-case scenario at the moment. 

Online learning / home learning
This is new to us all.  We understand some of you may have no time, some will want to do it all day long.  We are trying to be flexible and set up what should work well.  Just remember, most learning comes through conversation.  Now is a good time to talk.  Discuss everything.  Also remember Channel 502 on Sky or Channel 2+1 is for TV learning 9am-3pm along with the Te Reo channel.  This will be great also.  Read heaps of books to your children or give them time to read too.  No pressure, no expectations, but feel free to say ‘the school said you have to do this’ to get them motivated if they are being stubborn.  All the best and I am sure we will all learn throughout.

Thinking about you all!  A parent told me their child was sad that my school egg hunt wasn’t happening this year.  Teachers are still finding eggs from previous years, I think I make it too hard.  The photo with this post is the treasure hunt I held at home this year.  Each egg that was found had a clue for the next egg.  To make it harder, all clues were in Māori.  My kids found them all (eventually).

See you soon!
Dallas Wichman