Newsletter Week 6 Term 2

Kia ora koutou

Apologies for the lateness of this newsletter, I’m a day behind myself with Queen’s Birthday.

Last week we had a great time using more Sāmoan Language in classrooms and enjoying some of their culture. If you missed it, please have a look at our Facebook Page for photos and videos

We welcome back Hazel Harnett-Garbes who has been off due to an operation and recovery. She is well and Room 3 is excited to have her back. We thank Mrs Correia for covering in Room 3 (Amanda is a part time teacher here who oversees second language learners and those with learning difficulties).

Sibling Enrolments: Next week we will be close to the 160 student mark which is the largest we have been for over 15 years. Most classrooms are at capacity. To ensure we will have space for your child, please email with siblings’ names and DOB so we can have them in our system. 

Fees: We are now a fee free school (not including parish fees). The only things families need to pay for will be new entrants  and additional stationery and senior camp ($100). Camp is an exemption in the scheme as the government realised camps would suck up the majority of money given to schools and  so schools would stop camps. Please do your best to get any outstanding camp fees in. We cannot afford to run camps without this support (it costs far more than $100 as you could imagine). I would hate to have to move to camps only every two years. Thank you for your diligence here. 

First Communion: I will let you know more information on this as it comes out. Try to have all worksheets that were sent out during lockdown finished and ready soon.

God bless
Dallas Wichman