What is Trinity Sunday?

This Sunday is Trinity Sunday. On Trinity Sunday, Christians remember that God shares himself with us through the three persons of the Trinity. We honour the eternal God: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Trinity Sunday is celebrated the Sunday after Pentecost, and lasts only one day, which is symbolic of the unity of the Trinity. 

The Holy Trinity is a mystery that we can never fully understand. What is important is that we honour and remember our God. We need to read the teachings of Jesus and listen to His Spirit talking to our hearts. 

This Sunday as we bless ourselves for prayer, perhaps we can pause and consider the significance of what we are doing.

In the Name of the Father – the Source of all Life.
and of the Son – the Gift of Love who is life itself.
and of the Holy Spirit – the Breath of Life, the Fire of Love. 

Prayer – Mathew Palma
Loving God
You lead us in your ways.
Send us your Spirit to make us strong in faith.
We make this prayer in Jesus’ name.