For the last month or so, due to lockdown levels, junior rooms have finished slightly earlier. Due to the positives teachers have noticed, feedback from parents, data we have obtained and discussions regarding the road works this term, the BOT has decided that we will continue the shorter lunch hour and slightly earlier finish of 2.50pm BUT for all classes. Please note: The amount of time learning has not changed! This will be a trial period for the term (10 weeks) while the road works are happening. This allows us to be in sync with Bamford School who are a block away, and we can have all car and foot traffic at the same time from 2.50pm-3pm. This allows the road workers to have a shorter period of time of reduced work (there will be signalled crossings etc in a few weeks) and more children and awareness at one time. 

Please note: Kidsbase will start at 2.50pm and the cost will not change.