Road Works

 Please take care and plan ahead for your parking and discuss with your children where you will meet them.

♦     The island in the middle of our crossing has gone. We will still use the crossing in the              afternoon but it will go straight across.
♦      Road works will be set up outside St John’s Church. If you like to park here, arrive                    earlier to find new parks and talk to your children about ‘what ifs’.
♦     Please use the 3 minute park as 3 minutes due to the reduction of parks at the moment          down near St John’s.
♦     Over the next two weeks, road works will progressively move towards the church and            school.  When it arrives, we will cross the road differently and 3-minute parks will                     disappear for a while.
♦     Please be considerate and don’t block property entrances for a quick drop off.
♦     Allow extra time for drop off so children are not late for school.

More information to come here as the safety team updates us.