Newsletter Week 2 Term 3 / Pānui Wiki 2 Wāhanga 3

Kia orāna kōtou katoatoa
Kia manuia e kia meitaki te epetoma o te reo Kuki Airani!

Happy Cook Island language week! The only place open to visit at the moment. Like many other islands and countries, the Cooks have many islands and some have languages similar to Tahiti and the others closer to Sāmoan. They are very spread out. Therefore they have many influences. 

The theme is ‘Ātuitui’ia au ki te Oneone o tōku ‘Ui Tupuna’ which means, connect me to the soil of my ancestors. I often wear what looks like a dark pounamu but is actually Tia Mangaia (basalt). It is made from basalt (Tia) from Mangaia which is a Cook Island to the South East of Raro. My Granddad came from Raro and it is an important place for my Dad and the Wichmans. It reminds me of Raro whenever I wear it. 

There are more Cook Islanders in NZ than in the Cooks. The people of Raro gave ownership to the English to protect them from other cultures (very much like here) but the protection eventually was given to NZ hence the use of the NZ dollar there and our close relationship. 

One cool difference between Raro and here is that the majority of locals in Raro can speak their own language! It is not lost there!   A little bit different than NZ with Māori and English! Hopefully not for much longer!

Filipino Language/Culture Week
This is just over one week away! More information next week but we are all looking forward to learning some more Tagalog and the ‘Feast Day’ on Friday the 20th!

Fundraising and dress up day
Please see our DRS post for information on this activity next week on Friday! Get the baking going!!!

Wow, what a change, thank you for supporting our uniform and presentation standards. Hair is being tied up, earrings are back to appropriate stud types and uniform has been found!!!!! Much appreciated!

I have reminded teachers to be vigilant on this and not to consider students for prizes, special activities, or inter-school activities who need regular reminders or who are in incorrect uniform.  We all know the rules.  Thanks again for helping us to look great as a school. 

Learning Conferences
Thank you all for making time to see teachers with your children.  If you missed the opportunity, please contact the teacher to make alternative arrangements.
Room 7
Room 6
Room 5

Teacher Only Day Reminder
Friday 27th August

We are at the highest roll number I have seen.  We used to have a waitlist only for non-preference but it is close to starting for all students.  Please ensure siblings and interested people inquire as early as possible to avoid disappointment.

Reo i roto i te kainga/kāika (Māori language at home)
At school we have a sentence we say for a few weeks that is common and conversational. The next two weeks it is:

I pēhea …..? (said ‘e’ like the letter then ‘pair’ ‘hair’)
It means, How was…..?
This is used like, how was your day? How was the meeting? How was tea? How was Mum? Etc. Great to use when you pick up your children from school. 

Here are some you could try at home:
I pēhea te rā? (How was your day?)
I pēhea te tiripi? (How was the trip?)
I pēhea tō tina? (How was your lunch?)
I pēhea tērā? (How was that?)
Do answers in English for a while, then try:
I pai (It was good)
I kino (bad)
Āhua pai (okay)
Kāore i pai (not good)
I hangareka (fun)

If you want to say ‘why?’ say, “He aha ai?” ‘ai’ is pronounced ‘I’ like ‘I am going’
Kia pai te wiki!

Dallas Wichman