Newsletter Week 3 term 3 / Pānui Wiki 4 Wāhanga 3

Magandang Harpon (Good afternoon/Ahiahi mārie)

Next week is our first ever Filipino Language and Culture week. It has been amazing to see all the Filipino families getting together to organise the week. A big thank you to them!

Other languages will be rested for the week (except English) and Tagalog used for ‘Sign of the Cross’, graces and day to day language. Senior students will be learning and teaching dances and it will conclude with a ‘Feast Day’. This will be on Friday (20th August) and will have a lot of food for the students to try. Please put utensils in their lunchbox. 

Reminders will come out next week regarding the Feast Day. For you at home, try saying, “Kumusta” for hello or “Magandang Umaga” for good morning and “Pa’alam” for goodbye when you are doing the school run.  

Don’t know how to say/pronounce it? Do what my children at home say, “Google it”. Google “How to say magandang umaga” or “pronounce magandang umaga” will find you an audio or video!

Salamat! (Thank you/Ngā mihi)
Dallas Wichman

 Fundraising Day  Tomorrow (Friday 13 August)!!!
Starts  at  1pm-2.30pm      Everyone is welcome!

On Friday we are going to have a fundraising day to raise money for the Mission Sisters. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Bring home-baked biscuits, loaves, cupcakes, muffins, cakes, sweets etc.
  • Bring money to spend.
    We will be having:
  • face painting,
  • ‘soak the teacher’,
  • bowling,
  • target throws,
  • craft making and more!

We will also be having a sausage sizzle, $2 each.
Please send back the slip your child has brought home today along with the correct money so we know how many you want. 

If it rains there will still be activities that you can do and cake and sweet stalls to purchase from.

We would love you to dress up as one of your favourite movie or book characters.

Please bring your baking etc. to Room 7 in the morning before school starts but after the 8.30am bell.