Pānui Wiki 10 Wāhaka 3 / Newsletter Week 10 Term 3

Kia ora mai koutou,

That’s a wrap for term 3. It was a busy last few weeks with so much happening. If you were looking for the Principal’s GRIT trip photos on social media, you won’t find them as unfortunately it was the busiest week of the term last week. I will run it early next term!
What’s been happening?

Māori Language Week
During this week all communications had our indigenous language first, we had exciting activities in the library and the highlight was the Court Theatre presenting ‘Maui me te Rā’ in the parish hall. It was done bilingually and the children loved it. One of the actors, Selwyn, I taught at St Joseph’s in Rangiora in Year 7 and 8, and then again in Year 10 at St Bedes.

Koru Games
This is a three day tournament for years 7 and 8 students in many different disciplines. It also goes by ‘South Island Championships’. Both our male and female volleyball teams won overall in very close finals. They gave it everything! We now have 7 trophies over the last 5 years which is great for a small school. We took on Ashburton Intermediate in both finals who have around 450 students they can draw on, we have 30.
It is the first year we had a Kī o Rahi team and they did so well. The rules were somewhat different than what they have been used to for the last few years and they adapted well. They finished up 10th. Well done to them!!! It is a big commitment as it had myself, Mr Isherwood and Penny out for all three days. We thank supporters and organisers for making this happen!

New School Board
You would have seen the names of the new School Board in previous correspondence. We inducted our new School Board last week and look forward to their support over the next three years. Jonny Parker was reelected Presiding Member until the end of the year at that meeting. We thank the outgoing members again, they truly had the heart of the school at the forefront.

Cultural Festival
This ‘trial’ was organised by Josh Halkett from St Annes and was for our Kāhui Hub schools (St James, St Annes, St Marys, Catholic Cathedral College). It had performing students and seniors  going to CCC hall to enjoy our cultural diversity and talents. It was videoed professionally, but I have attached links to recordings made by Mr Isherwood so you can see it now (if you are like me and can’t wait!)! In the description of the videos you can read about what it means. The ‘Aka has a very big blurb but cool reading. Big thanks to Miss Garbes, Miss Ateliana and Mr Halkett for making this happen!
Here are the links:
Introduction and waiata
Drum interlude
Siva Sāmoa

Mathletics Competition
The amount of mathematics that has been happening in the senior school lately has been amazing. We had 10 students complete a year’s worth of mathematics in less than a term. Charlotte in Room 6 completed the record of two years worth in this time! Amazing!
Students put their tokens in the three boxes they had earned (1/2 year, 3/4 year, full year) and were pulled out on Friday. We had sooooo many prizes, but the main one being a brand new XBox. Zak of Room 7 was the lucky one to be pulled out from the 10. This was great timing as had a sad week with the passing of a loved one. Our thoughts and prayers are with your family.
Well done to all students who really gave this a go! Keep it up, you have access to Mathletics the whole time you are at St Annes! Take advantage! Learning is the real aim, but rewards are fun too!
After seeing all the prizes and wish you worked harder, read below for the Languagenut Competition.

Art Gallery and Gardens Trip
Rooms 5 and 6 had an action packed last day. Here are a few action shots. See here for more.

Languagenut App Competitions (optional and WHOLE SCHOOL-note the app is not easy for juniors but a great thing to do as a family)
Remember if you don’t have a password for this app/website, contact your child’s teacher.
As above, we are doing a similar competition with Languagenut. This competition finishes near the end of November (we are just confirming a date as needed to change it).
Language options for the competitions: Māori Language and / or a ‘home language’.
Definition of a home language: A language spoken by a immediate member of the family (i.e. a parent). But, if a parent is of ……….. descent but the language has been lost in the household, if the family is actively trying to recover it at their house, this is okay see below. If in doubt, check with your child’s teacher.
There are 4 levels:
Go to Vocab Trainer: Within each of the levels are 6 topics with 6 activities each. Therefore 36 activities per colour level. To complete an activity, students learn the words through practice and then  complete the ‘quizzes’. To be complete, they need to achieve 100% on the Reading and Listening tests. We have found the writing to be too difficult for children. This will then show a 50% achieved on the main page.
There will be prizes for each coloured level complete.  One per day would get children close to finishing two levels.   Two per day would be close to completing all.
Like above, the more levels completed, the larger the prizes they will go in the draw for.
Get started today!!!! More information about prizes will come out but will be as good as the above Mathletics prizes! Go for gold! We actually promote doing this with your child so the language can be used at home. We will also be looking for repeating activities and doing challenges as ways to gain extra. We can see a lot from the Admin end, so just want to see a lot of work in the language of choice.
Why not French? Italian? 
Languages are fun, but to become fluent you really need to work hard, you also need people around you to speak to and converse with. We have spent a lot of time looking at research into language acquisition and know it needs to be used! We have heaps of teachers and community members who can speak Māori and it can be used as much as wanted at school or in lots of places throughout NZ. What the students learn on the app, they can use with a teacher and many students the next day and will get appropriate replies.
Home Language-If there is a commitment as a family or another language is used, here is a chance to strengthen it within the household! Again it can be used daily!
An example of a family commitment language-I am of Cook Island descent, and am currently learning CI Māori through the Centre of Pacific Languages. My child could opt into Māori or Cook Island Māori because it could be used at home!
Example of home language: I am from the Philippines and I can speak Filipino but my husband, and children can’t. Go for it! Get your child using that language Mum!
Hopefully that is clear! Kia manuia (Good luck!)!

If your child is involved in this, please practice and talk to them about the rules, especially if it is the first year playing. We try to coach at school, but with so many teams it is hard. Any support from home is appreciated.

Term 4 Reminders
Summer Uniform -Sun Hats must be worn every day!  No Hat, No Play.
Girls                                                                             Boys
Culottes                                                                      Navy shorts
Polo shirt                                                                   Polo shirt
Tunic                                                                           Tunic
Short White socks                                                  Short Black socks
Black shoes or school sandals                         Black Shoes or school sandals
Hair must be tied up if long enough with ties in school colours. (PLEASE KEEP TO SCHOOL COLOURS!)
Jackets should not be worn in place of the tunic.
PE uniform  (yrs 5-8)  PE shirt and plain black shorts.

School Times
Open from 8.30am to 3.15pm.
If children need to be at school outside of these times they need to be booked into Kidsbase please.
Classes commence  9am sharp  and finish at 2.50pm.  Lateness has been on the rise and causes unnecessary disruption and delay. Please make every effort to have your children arrive with plenty of time to be ready to start at 9am.
Contact Kidsbase here

Waste Free and Water Only School –  We request no wrappers in lunch boxes, and only refillable water bottles, please.  This has become a little lax lately!
This was requested by our students years back and asked of the School Board. The Board accepted and we have had a tidy school ever since. Please support this school policy!

We hope your child/children have a restful break! We also wish Miss Mapley all the best as she gets married in the holidays!

Hai ā tērā wāhaka! (See you next term)!

Dallas Wichman and the Staff of St Annes!