Pānui Wiki 2 Wāhaka 4 / Newsletter Week 2 Term 4

Fakamālo atu kia te koutou uma, (Greetings everyone!)

This is Tokelau Language Week or ‘Te Gagana Tokelau’. We have a few children who are of Tokelauan descent at St Anne’s and we hope they enjoy a week that celebrates their language around NZ! The theme grabbed me when I saw it, ‘Halahala ki vavau, kae ke mau ki pale o Tokelau!’ Translated, ‘TO PLAN FOR THE FUTURE IS TO UNDERSTAND THE PAST’. It is an idea we weaved into our school ‘aka.

GRIT term winners

The last week of the term was so busy I missed out on taking our seven most determined students for the term out on a reward. However, we got out last Friday and did some rock climbing with a side of fries. Grit is the attribute of never giving up, even when things are difficult! Well done to the seven who were stand outs in their classrooms this term.

Mahi Kāika / Homework Challenges (Rooms 5-7)
The end of the year is quickly approaching, please ensure these are getting ticked off. If you have lost the booklet, it is on our website!

Building Update
We have a roof! We have lots of plans for 2023 with 10 possible teaching spaces and can’t wait! We are on track to finish these two rooms to start next year and Room 1 and 2’s upgrade finished early in term 1.

Languagenut App Competitions 

Remember if you don’t have a password for this app/website, contact your child’s teacher.
This competition finishes Friday 25 November.
Language options for the competitions: Māori Language and / or a ‘home language’.
Definition of a home language: A language spoken by a immediate member of the family (i.e. a parent). But, if a parent is of ……….. descent but the language has been lost in the household, if the family is actively trying to recover it at their house, this is okay see below. If in doubt, check with your child’s teacher.
There are 4 levels:
Go to Vocab Trainer: Within each of the levels are 6 topics with 6 activities each. Therefore 36 activities per colour level. To complete an activity, students learn the words through practice and then  complete the ‘quizzes’. To be complete, they need to achieve 100% on the Reading and Listening tests. We have found the writing to be too difficult for children. This will then show a 50% achieved on the main page. Once you have done one, we suggest trying ‘word builder’ for the same activity. We will count points across as this is really helpful for ensuring the phrase is learnt.
There will be prizes for each coloured level complete.
Like above, the more levels completed, the larger the prizes they will go in the draw for.
Get started today!!!! More information about prizes will come out but will be as good as the above Mathletics prizes! Go for gold! We actually promote doing this with your child so the language can be used at home. We will also be looking for repeating activities and doing challenges as ways to gain extra. We can see a lot from the Admin end, so just want to see a lot of work in the language of choice. Note: Māori language prizes will be of higher value as we receive Māori language funding, but note, both competitions will have great prizes.
Why not French? Italian? 
Languages are fun, but to become fluent you really need to work hard, you also need people around you to speak to and converse with. We have spent a lot of time looking at research into language acquisition and know it needs to be used! We have heaps of teachers and community members who can speak Māori and it can be used as much as wanted at school or in lots of places throughout NZ. What the students learn on the app, they can use with a teacher and many students the next day and will get appropriate replies.
Home Language-If there is a commitment as a family or another language is used, here is a chance to strengthen it within the household! Again it can be used daily!
An example of a family commitment language-I am of Cook Island descent, and am currently learning CI Māori through the Centre of Pacific Languages. My child could opt into Māori or Cook Island Māori because it could be used at home!
Example of home language: I am from the Philippines and I can speak Filipino but my husband, and children can’t. Go for it! Get your child using that language Mum!
Hopefully that is clear! Kia manuia (Good luck!)!

Have a great week!
Dallas Wichman


The Catholic Parish of Christchurch East

We have two vacancies that exist for the Catholic Parish of Christchurch East as advised below.

Parish Finance Administrator – 12 hours a week
Pastoral Teams Coordinator– 15 hours a week
Both the roles require a combination of experience, skill, and personal qualities that are advised in the job descriptions. Applicants will also possess a respect for the
traditions, values and an understanding of and empathy with the Catholic faith.
Should you be interested in either of these positions and would like more detail please e-mail for the job description to Christchurch East Parish Office Manager – parish@christchurcheast.org.nz

Applications close on Friday 28th October 2022.